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Questions About Hilti Industrial Core Drills and Rigs

The Hilti industrial core drill requires powerful bits and chucks for proper performance. This is because they are used to create an opening through hardened material such as concrete. Thus, the company makes a number of products to maintain its performance.

What does a core drill do?

Here a few things a new or pre-owned core drill on eBay is designed to do:

  • Remove material: Drills can be used to remove metal, concrete, or another masonry.
  • Gather samples: Sometimes they are used to gather samples for research or certification.
  • Drill into materials: Hilti models come in handheld cordless versions or on rigs used for drilling into materials for environmental or construction samples.
What is the difference between core drills and hammer drills?

A sturdy hammer drill is used for surface finishing instead of collecting shafts of material or making an opening. For the most part, it is a handheld drill that performs light chiseling work on masonry blocks or concrete surface finishing. The hammer drill could be used to clean up the area around a core drill hole.

What is needed to drill through concrete?

If you are using the core drill on concrete, a diamond bit is required. One of the hardest minerals, diamond will cut through this hardened material without much difficulty. However, because it can quickly heat up, it needs to be cooled by water at the same time.

What if samples are needed from a larger area?

In this situation, a Hilti core drill rig is required. These are larger standing drills which sit on a platform. Once placed in the location for collection and the chuck is secured, the drill pushes down to gather the needed material. Unlike handheld models, core drill rigs are not cordless and do cost more.

How difficult is it to replace parts?

The difficulty level depends on what needs replacement. Drill bits and chucks, in either the handheld or rig models, are not hard to swap out. It is necessary to read any instructions which come with the parts or drill to ensure proper attachment. If the cordless battery or charger begin to fail, these can also be quickly replaced. Issues with internal mechanisms or power should be addressed with a licensed shop or the manufacturer for repair or possible replacement.

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