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Stay Active With Hoka One One Women's Athletic Shoes

If you're interested in staying fit, then you'll need a good pair of shoes to support you as you run, walk, hike, or participate in other activities. Hoka One One, a company founded in 2009, makes many types of athletic shoes for women. Many new and used models are for sale on eBay.

Which Hoka One One women's athletic shoes are designed for running?

Since the company started off by making affordable running shoes, it makes sense that there is a wide selection in this category. These shoes are designed to give you a little boost with each step and cushion your feet as you run. Choices include:

  • Carbon X: This high-end shoe is built with a carbon fiber plate to help you run efficiently. It also has PROFLY X foam, which is lightweight and responsive.
  • Akasa: The Akasa has a textured TPU toe reinforcement to increase its durability. It has rubberized foam in both the midsole and outsole for cushioning.
  • Bondi 6: Your feet will be able to breathe in the Bondi 6, which has open mesh construction in the upper. The internal heel counter will give you a secure fit, and the nice arch support will be contributing to your stability.
  • Humana Flow: This shoe has open eyelets so you can lock down the laces. It has good traction, thanks to the outsole siping.
Hoka One One hiking shoes

If you plan on heading out on the trail, consider getting one of the following shoes designed for off-road paths:

  • Toa: In the Toa, you'll get to take advantage of a Vibram Megagrip high-traction outsole. The lugs on the bottom of the boot are multidirectional to adjust to different terrains.
  • Arkali: This is a 100% vegan shoe made with a rubber toe cap and a MATRYX upper that's strong and lightweight.
  • Kaha: Kaha means strength and support in the Maori language. These boots have waterproof booties, full-grain leather, and a tough Rangi bottom foam.
Other types of Hoka shoes

The company makes a variety of footwear to appeal to different types of people. The other Hoka offerings include:

  • Sandals: There are many sandals, such as the Ora Recovery Slide and Ora Recovery Flip, that can be comfortable to slip on after a workout. Sandals would be some of the cheaper Hoka women's shoes on eBay.
  • Cross Trainers: If you're looking for all-purpose tennis shoes or affordable walking shoes, then consider something supportive like the Elevon or Tivra.
  • Spikes: You may be able to cut down your race time by running in spikes, such as those on the Rocket MD or the EVO XC Spike.
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