Holland America Ship Collectibles

Holland America is a cruise line that produces a variety of collectible items related to ships. These travel collectibles are made of plastic, glass, ceramic, or other materials. The company's products commemorate the vintage era of cruise ship travel, as many possess early 1900s design elements.

What are some Holland America items that are available?

You can find collectible products for Holland America cruise ships like the Statendam, Eurodam, Koningsdam, Noordam, Westerdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, and others. These products are designed with traditional decorative elements. They include dishes, pins, spoons, coasters, and pictures of the various ships in their fleet.

Which Holland America products are suitable for a display case?

The painted, decorative plates in the Holland America line are suitable for a modern display case. They have many product lines that feature unique designs, and each set has a matching theme. These plates have a solid design scheme with a thin layer of paint along the edge of the material. Most of this brand's dishes are designed with a picture of a ship on one of its cruises, and floral elements are usually painted along the edge of these products.

Holland America spoons are another type of collectible item suitable for a display case. These silver-plated spoons are associated with a specific cruise line and feature related artwork. These souvenir spoons typically include an ornate, decorative handle that often highlights nautical themes and imagery.

What are some designs found on Holland America pins?

The imagery featured on Holland America lapel pins can vary. Some pins feature design elements related to a destination. For example, a stylized whale fin might celebrate a cruise journey to Alaska. A trip to South Pacific might be memorialized with a picture of the sun. There are also pins that feature the Holland America company logo and font.

Holland America pins often depict the various ships found in their fleet. These pins are unique because:
  • They highlight a vintage ship near the harbor.
  • They offer a variety of different flags.
  • They feature a rustic color scheme.

These pins are usually constructed of metal or enamel.

What Holland America educational options are available?

Many maps and picture books are available. The maps highlight spots found in Paris, and the picture books also have a variety of French elements. Their books offer information about the various ships traveling in the Holland America fleet, including passenger liners and other cruise ships.