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Find Out More About Huawei AT&T Cell Phones and Smartphones

If you have an existing plan with AT&T or if you plan to purchase one, it’s helpful to buy a phone that’s already locked to the network. Because the device is already configured for AT&T, it’s easier to set up and start making calls. Huawei makes a variety of models, like their Pro series, that are compatible with AT&T.

What Huawei models are available with AT&T?

Many of the brand’s models are available for the AT&T network. Some options include:

  • Ascend XT2
  • Ascend XT
  • P9 Lite
  • Honor 6X
  • P8 Lite
What is GoPhone?

GoPhone is the original name for AT&T’s prepaid service option; now, it is called AT&T Prepaid. Instead of buying a traditional contract and paying regular monthly payments, this service allows you to prepay for talk, text, and data. Setting up an account doesn’t require a credit check or a contract. When you buy a Huawei phone that’s marked as a GoPhone, you can use it on both AT&T prepaid and traditional plans. Likewise, if you buy a standard AT&T model, you can use it on the prepaid network.

What are some features of Huawei phones for AT&T?

Features vary depending on the model you choose, but many of the brand’s devices include:

  • Internet browser: Access websites when you’re connected to wireless internet or cellular data.
  • Touchscreen: Many Huawei smartphones feature touch-sensitive screens. This allows you to type, open apps, change settings, play games, and more with only your fingers.
  • Expandable memory: Many models are compatible with extra memory cards, so you can expand the device’s storage capacity. Simply insert the card for an instant storage upgrade.
  • High-definition displays: To create clear graphics and text, many of the brand’s smartphones feature high-definition screens. This resolution enables you to see more detail, whether you’re watching movies or browsing the internet.
  • Dual cameras: Phones with dual cameras make it easy to take selfies and traditional snapshots. Usually, switching between the cameras is as simple as tapping an icon on the screen.
How can you choose a Huawei phone for AT&T?

To help you narrow down the many phone options, try these steps:

  • Choose a model: Available options include the Ascend XT2, the Ascend XT, Honor 6X, Mate 10 Pro, Mate 8, H1611, and more.
  • Select a storage capacity: Choose from storage options including 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and more.
  • Pick special features: Narrow your phone options by features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, touchscreens, GPS, internet connectivity, and HD screens.
  • Choose a color: Smartphones come in colors such as black, silver, gold, and gray.
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