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How to Choose Huawei Phones on the TracFone Network

TracFone is a wireless network that can provide prepaid mobile services to several types of Huawei phones. If you wish to purchase a smartphone to which you can add prepaid minutes as you need them, TracFone may have some compatible models available. Knowing some features and specifications for these mobile devices may help you find the one that meets your needs and preferences.

What features do Android smartphones from TracFone have?

TracFone's wireless network may offer support for several phone models that run Android. The features you have access to will vary depending on the model you choose. However, knowing some of the most common features you might encounter may help you narrow your search for a new phone. Some of these features may include things such as:

  • Data: Many mobile phones can operate on either the 3G network, the 4G network, or both.
  • Security: Some TracFone smartphones may contain additional security features. A fingerprint sensor allows you to keep the phone locked until you supply it with your fingerprint. This may be useful if you accidentally leave the phone somewhere.
  • Browsing: Smartphones are usually able to run a variety of applications. One of the most common apps they use is a built-in web browser for accessing online content.
  • Cameras: Some of these devices contain at least one front camera and possibly a rear camera as well.
Can you store files and data on a TracFone?

Most TracFone units will have a built-in storage device with a set capacity. Storage space for these phones is usually measured in gigabytes. You may be able to use this space to store a variety of file types, including texts, documents, photos, and videos. Text documents usually take up the least space. If you would like to purchase a phone with a specific storage capacity, some common sizes you might find include:

  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB
How do you add minutes to your TracFone?

The precise method for adding minutes to your phone may vary depending on the plan you choose. However, the steps listed below may offer you some guidelines for adding more talk time to your device:

  • Select the plan: Choose the online plan or card you wish to add to your phone.
  • Enter your details: Provide the company with the necessary information to activate your account.
  • Enter your PIN: Your service plan may come with a PIN number. You can use this number anytime you need to add minutes to your phone. You will need to activate your PIN if this is your first time with TracFone.
  • Check your balance: You can use your PIN or a phone number to check the remaining minutes on your phone at any time.
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