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Why Choose a Vintage Computer?

With so many advancements in technology and computers, it's a wonder that one can even find vintage computers, much less find use for them. In fact, for a system like an old IBM workstation, there are a number of reasons to add one to your collection, whether for study, entertainment, or nostalgia.

What Are the Uses of Vintage Workstation?

While you won't be able to get your work or study done, play modern games or watch movies, getting an old computer has many uses, including:

  • Ability to play old games: The computers that were around twenty or thirty years ago had specific games that you could play on them. To take you back to your youth, you can't play these games on any new kind of computer as they will only work on the computers of the time due to the disk size. The graphics capability of that machine is exactly what you need to play the game, usually very basic.
  • Educating: Learning about computers, the way they are built, and how they've developed over the years is easy when you have old machines you can take apart. You can learn about the types of processor, software, and computing system that was groundbreaking at the time but is now obsolete. 
  • Collector's item: Like with many products and items, vintage workstations are collectors' items for some and they like to keep them in displays. You can even find old workstations in some museums around the world. 
  • Learn to code: On older model computers you can learn to code your own games and learn other commands. 

What IBM Products Can I Find?

Aside from whole workstations, you can find individual used items from this brand such as:

  • Keyboards: While keyboards haven't changed drastically in the last few decades, certain older keyboards will feel large and heavy. Rather than using a brand new keyboard, you may need to use one that is from around the same time as the computer that you want to use.
  • Monitors: Vintage monitors are large and heavy and are nothing like the flat screen options that we have today. Many had black screens with green writing, and rather than a mouse you had to use arrow keys to move the cursor that would blink on screen. When choosing a new monitor, you need to make sure that the screen works so that you are able to view it without any issues. Some monitors will come with a key and keyboard. 
  • Motherboard box: Technically the brains of the computer, the motherboard box is the most complex part of a workstation and holds the CPU.

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