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InFocus Projectors

InFocus Projectors

InFocus offers projection equipment designed to suit many needs. The brands projectors range from compact mobile models to professional projectors for purposes such as an auditorium lecture. All InFocus products are equipped with technical features with the aim to help ensure image quality.

What types of projectors does InFocus make?

Four projectors from InFocus are described below.

  • InFocus Office/Classroom Styles: These projectors are designed for giving presentations in standard-sized rooms. They are relatively compact, making it easy to move them from room to room. They also feature long lamp lives and a range of media capabilities. They have HDMI connectivity, and they can display 3D content.
  • InFocus Ultra Portable Styles: The InFocus ultra-portable options are lightweight. These models weigh less than 4 pounds, and theyre slim enough to fit in a briefcase. InFocus innovative design features, such as recessed lenses and a smooth exterior, ensure that these projectors wont be damaged during travel. Theyre also equipped with onboard memory, which means users may not need an additional memory source.
  • InFocus Large Venue Styles: There are also InFocus projectors designed for large venues. These options offer professional quality and an array of features. Multiple lens choices and digital connectivity help users showcase videos, audio, 3D media, and more.
  • InFocus Short Throw Styles: These projectors are designed for tight spaces. Theyre built to optimize image quality, thanks to WXGA native resolution and high brightness. Many people opt to use these projectors for home entertainment use.
What features do InFocus projectors have?

A few of the different features found in InFocus projectors are described below:

  • Lamps: All of these items use lamps in order to project audio, video, text, and other material. Different style projectors may be compatible with different lamps.
  • 1080p resolution: Each InFocus projector comes equipped with this high-definition video mode.
  • Brightness: Brightness is measured in terms of lumens, which refers to the amount of visible light emitted. InFocus equipment has lumens levels that range from 1,000 to 5,000.
  • Weight: InFocus strives to create lightweight equipment that can be taken anywhere. While the InFocus portable options weigh the least, with total weights as low as 2 pounds, even the arena options weigh no more than 20 pounds.
  • Lens Functions: Many of these projectors are equipped with multiple lenses and lens functions, which allow users to zoom, focus, and more.
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