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Things to Know before Purchasing an iPad 2 Motherboard Replacement

The iPad 2 motherboard or logic board is a printed circuit board responsible for allowing all the components of your device to work together. A motherboard is a crucial component of any computing system housing the graphics card, CPU, and RAM. An iPad 2 logic board diagram shows exactly where these components are located.

What are some reasons to replace the motherboard?

It's important to know the difference between issues that can be fixed with a motherboard replacement and those that can be resolved by other methods. An iPad 2 or iPad mini motherboard replacement may not resolve activation lock issues.

In most cases, after you've wiped your device and reinstalled the iOS, if you're still having any of the symptoms listed below, a motherboard replacement may be your best option. You can find affordable new and refurbished options on eBay. Here are some signs that you may need a new motherboard.

  • Horizontal or vertical stripes across screen
  • Gray, white, or blank screen
  • Stuck on Apple logo
  • Device not recognized by computer when connected via USB
How should you search for the iPad motherboard on eBay?

During your search for a motherboard replacement, you may find your search results yield more repair instructions than listings of motherboards for sale.

When searching for a motherboard replacement on eBay, be specific about what you need. Instead of general searches such "iPad logic board," use wording that identifies the type of iPad you have, such as "iPad 2 logic board 64gb," "iPad 2 a1395 logic board," "iPad mini 2 logic board for sale," or "iPad2 shipment." The more specific you can be, the greater your chances of getting hits on the motherboard that you need.

Here are some examples of model-specific search phrases:

  • ipad 2 motherboard, ipad air 2 logic board for sale
  • ipad 2 a1395 logic board, ipad air 2 motherboard
  • ipad 2 logic board 64gb, ipad mini 2 logic board for sale
  • ipad 2 logic board diagram,