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Use an iPad 2 Screen Replacement Kit for Scratch Repair

You're casually scrolling online and you feel your tablet slip from your fingers and hear that resounding crash. When accidents happen and it's time to fix your device, you can easily find a new iPad 2 screen replacement kit from eBay for an affordable price and restore your scratched or broken screen to a working condition.

What's included in an iPad 2 screen replacement kit?

An iPad 2 screen replacement kit is used to completely replace a broken or scratched iPad 2 screen. The replacement kit includes all the pieces you will need to return your iPad screen to a new-looking condition. It may also come with comprehensive instructions for installation or a link to a video or online guide. Affordable iPad 2 screen repair kits on eBay will include some of the following items:

  • Touchscreen with digitizer
  • Seven-piece tool kit
  • Adhesive tape set
  • Screen protector
What's included in an iPad 2 screen repair tool kit?

Besides replacement parts for your screen, a new iPad 2 screen replacement kit will also include all the tools you need to repair and install your screen, so you will have everything you need in one convenient eBay purchase. These kits will come with the following tools:

  • Two plastic prying spudger tools
  • 0.8 pentagram screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Two picks
  • Suction cup
Does an iPad screen replacement kit include the frame?

Yes, the iPad 2 screen repair kit includes the "frame" for your iPad, not just the clear portion of the screen. The frame comes in either black or white, so the color can be chosen depending on your preference. The replacement screen also includes the iPad 2's traditional home button to match the device's original appearance, so it will look and function just like new.

What is an iPad 2's digitizer?

A digitizer is the part of an iPad that recognizes your fingers' taps, pinches, and movements on the screen. The digitizer is attached directly to your touchscreen. Therefore, if you drop your tablet and crack or shatter the screen, you most likely damaged the digitizer as well. You will need to replace both the screen and the digitizer in order for your iPad to function properly. Not all replacement kits include a digitizer, so be sure to check the included contents carefully. If this part is not included, you can conveniently find an iPad 2's digitizer on eBay with a simple search.

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