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Common Questions About iPad 2 Screen Replacement Options

One of the most common reasons for an Apple iPad 2 repair is a cracked screen. If you're wondering how to fix an iPad 2 screen, the answer is simple ' all you need is an iPad 2 screen replacement. You can browse through a variety of options on eBay, some that even come with the iPad screen replacement kit that contains all of the hardware you need; the right model can help you reduce the iPad 2 screen replacement cost.

What is a digitizer?

The digitizer is the iPad 2 screen itself. This is a special type of glass that converts the touch of your finger to a digital signal that tells the iPad what to do. As you're looking at iPad 2 touchscreen replacement options, you might see the words 'screen' and 'digitizer' used interchangeably.

What other parts are needed for a screen replacement?

In addition to the digitizer, iPad 2 screens have a few important elements that help the unit work correctly. These include

  • Home button assembly - This is the button on the bottom center of your iPad. On the back of the button are the electric connectors that link the button to your iPad's internal mechanisms.
  • Cellular antenna - This internal antenna receives mobile data; it may need to be replaced if there are high levels of damage.
  • Digitizer cable - This cable connects the digitizer to the iPad's electronic system.
What supplies do you need to replace iPad 2 screens?

In addition to replacement glass, iPad 2 screen repairs require a few other items. Often, you can buy these products together in an iPad 2 screen replacement kit available on eBay to reduce the overall iPad 2 screen replacement price. The popular iPad 2 screen replacement iFixit guide recommends

  • Heat gun - A heat gun or a hair dryer melts the adhesive to release the screen.
  • Opening tool - This tool helps lift the digitizer from the iPad.
  • Pry tool - This tool pries the digitizer away from the frame.
  • Spudger - This anti-static tool helps you separate the internal iPad parts.
  • Adhesive - This heavy-duty glue fastens the new screen to the iPad.
How can you choose an iPad 2 screen replacement?

A digitizer kit can help you avoid an iPad 2 screen replacement service call. Use these steps to help you pick a model:

  • Select your iPad model - Choose digitizers that are designed for iPad 2 models with Wi-Fi, LCDs, or cellular data models.
  • Pick a frame color - Replacement glass iPad 2 models usually come with black or white frames.
  • Select accessories - Choose models that come with home button assemblies, cellular antennas, and more.
  • Choose tools - Some models come with kits that include spudgers, pry tools, opening tools, and adhesives.
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