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Keep Your iPad 3 Going with a Replacement LCD

Apple's third-generation tablet is full of useful features for travel or when larger electronics are unavailable. The LCD screen creates vibrant graphics, but it is a sensitive piece of equipment. If your screen cracks or experiences damages, you may not need to toss out the tablet. At eBay, you can find an iPad 3 LCD replacement screen can restore your tablet to good working order.

Can you get different types of iPad 3 LCD replacements?

The iPad 3 features a touchscreen that allows you to see images, videos, or texts. You can also use the screen to activate apps or interact with the device using your fingertips. The iPad 3 LCD replacement options on eBay have everything you might need to get your tablet working again. Depending on the type of damage your tablet sustained, you might need replacements such as:

  • LCD replacement - The LCD layer is the first part of your iPad's screen. It is the part that renders videos, graphics, and texts for your enjoyment. If you can activate apps on the tablet but can't see parts of the screen, you may need this item.
  • Touchscreen replacement - The second layer of your screen allows you to use the tablet with your fingers.
  • Combo set - You can get a set that includes both screen layers and the tools you need.
What other parts can you get with your iPad screen?

Your iPad 3 LCD replacement screen may include the glass, digitizer layer, and some of the tools you might use to repair the tablet. However, you can find some models that include additional accessories for your convenience. Some items you might find included with your purchase of an iPad 3 LCD replacement screen are:

  • Buttons - The iPad's Home button underneath the screen might be something you need to replace as well. You can get a screen replacement that includes this button.
  • Adhesive - Your iPad 3 LCD replacement package may include new adhesive you can use to join the separate layers of the screen together.
  • Retina display - Your iPad's retina display adds an extra layer of security by requiring a scan of your eye before it unlocks. You can replace this part as well.
Can you buy a used replacement screen?

You can buy a brand-new or pre-owned iPad 3 LCD replacement on eBay. Used replacement parts may be in brand-new condition but without their original packaging. You can check to ensure any pre-owned parts have been tested for viability and compatibility.

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