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Buying Guide to iPad Mini Screen Replacements

The iPad mini screens can sometimes break, and there are a few different parts of the screen that can be replaced to save the entire unit itself from going to waste. Fortunately, there are replacement LCD displays, digitizers, and complete screen replacement kits available on eBay for every iPad mini model. If you need an iPad mini screen replacement part or kit, here is all the information for you to make the right choice.

Can you get an iPad mini 2 screen replacement kit?

Whether you are an experienced device repair technician or you want to fix an iPad mini 2 screen yourself, you will find various options for iPad mini 2 screen replacements on eBay. You can buy a kit with all the required tools, the digitizer by itself, or the entire LCD screen included with digitizer and tools.

What if you don't know how to replace iPad screens?

Many of the iPad mini screen replacement assemblies, kits, and parts available on eBay come with instructions on how to replace an iPad screen. You can find the details in the description about whether instructions are included, and some have included links to the specific iPad mini screen replacement video. Simply use the provided tools in the kit and follow the instructions.

How do you choose the right iPad mini replacement kit?

Choosing the right iPad mini screen replacement kit depends on which model iPad mini you have to repair, how much of the screen needs replacement, your previous experience replacing iPad mini screens, and whether you have the required tools to replace the screen. Assess which parts of the iPad mini screen are damaged, whether that be the entire LCD display or just the digitizer, and select a kit that includes all the required tools to replace those parts of the screen.

Should you first know how to replace iPad mini glass?

Replacing the iPad mini glass comes with some risk because of the shattered, cracked glass, so previous experience is helpful; however, with the proper iPad mini screen replacement video and the right tools anyone can execute a successful iPad mini screen replacement. Sometimes only the digitizer is damaged, in which case the LCD glass won't be shattered. The digitizer is also known as the touch screen, or touch panel. These touch panels are most commonly the part that needs replacement. They are less expensive than the LCD glass itself and much easier to repair.

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