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J.CREW Men's Sweaters

J Crew Mens Sweaters

J. Crew men’s sweaters come in a variety of styles. Different colors, textures, necklines, and fits are available. Caring for this brand of sweater appropriately depends upon the material it is crafted from.

What styles of sweaters are available?

This line of men’s sweaters comes in cotton, cashmere, cotton-cashmere blends, and merino wool. Half-zip, full-zip, cardigan, hoodie, crew neck, v-neck, and polo styles are all available in J. Crew men’s sweaters.

  • Half-zip designs typically feature a mock neck that zips all the way up under the chin.
  • Full-zip sweaters often feature ribbed cuffs and hem with a crew or mock-neck neckline.
  • Cardigan sweaters are often chunky and feature patterns knitted into the garment. Button fronts are common.
  • Hoodies include a hood for optional head coverage and are typically pullover designs.
  • Crew neck styles sit at the T-shirt line, while v-neck sweaters vary in neckline depth.
  • Polo sweater designs typically have two or three buttons that allow the sweater to open as low as mid-chest. Buttons can be kept open or closed all the way to the collar. The lapel is a couple of inches wide, and sits as a traditional polo would.
How do you care for this line of men’s sweaters?
  • Refer to the tag inside the garment for specific care instructions. Some designs must be dry cleaned, while others allow for machine washing or hand washing. If you choose to machine wash this brand of top, use a gentle cycle with cool or cold water. Wash the garment only with like materials and colors, and fasten any closures to reduce the possibility of the garment snagging on something inside the machine.
  • When in doubt, avoid heat whenever possible. Rather than machine drying this brand of garment, you might lay it flat to air dry or hang it in a well-ventilated area. Avoid ironing the garment to limit heat exposure.
  • See specific instructions on the tag for stain removal as well. You may be able to dampen a clean, soft cloth with warm water and blot at the stain until it comes out of the garment.
What sizes are options?

Generally, this line of men’s garments is available in U.S. sizes extra-small through extra-extra-large. Fit depends on height, weight, body type, and personal preference. Different styles are designed for a closer or looser fit. Similarly, shapes range from a boxier square shape to a slimmer rectangle.

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