JBL 4-канальные автомобильные аудиоусилители


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Basic Facts about JBL Four-Channel Car Audio Amplifiers

Many people end up spending a significant portion of their time in their vehicles, so it only makes sense that they would want to ensure their car or truck has quality audio. JBL four-channel car amplifiers boost the signal to your speakers to ensure you can power your sound system to help make your daily commute less of a grind.

How does a car audio system work?

Although some cars come with quality audio systems, the vast majority of factory car-audio setups feature three basic components. These components are:

  • Head unit
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers

The head unit, which is commonly referred to simply as a stereo or radio, is the main component that powers and controls the rest of the components. Most head units also feature satellite radio, mp3 compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, CD players, and other various components in addition to the basic AM/FM radio. Essentially, the head unit creates the audio signals, which are then strengthened by the amplifier before being sent out to the speakers. However, most OEM car-audio arrangements have a small amplifier built directly into the head unit instead of using a separate external amplifier.

What is the effect of using a separate power amplifier?

Most basic car sound systems are made up of a head unit with built-in amplifier and four or more speakers. Although this built-in amplifier is generally powerful enough to provide a decent audio signal to the basic full-range speakers found in most vehicles, it is typically not strong enough for most high-end setups that use separate woofers, tweeters, and mid-range components. Installing a separate power amplifier ensures that the speakers receive a stronger audio signal, which in turn should result in higher quality sound.

How will a JBL power amplifier improve the audio?

Amplifiers are designed to boost the audio signal, so it can power the speaker cones to create sound. In theory, installing an amplifier in your vehicle should produce stronger audio by increasing the amount of signal.

How do you choose the right JBL amplifier?

Although JBL is well-known for producing quality audio components, it is still essential that you choose the right amp for your specific setup. For starters, you need to know how many channels you need so that you can choose accordingly. Four-channel amps are more common, but you can also find five-channel amplifiers as well as amps with only two channels. Power is also an important factor, as you need to ensure that your amp has sufficient wattage to provide a strong signal to all of your speakers.

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