Jewelry Wholesale Mixed Lots

Wholesale Jewelry Lots

Jewelry, whether rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, can be purchased either individually or in wholesale mixed lots. Buying jewelry in a wholesale mixed lot can significantly decrease the overall price you pay, even for quality items and antique items. Sellers of jewelry often feature in their store a variety of styles and pieces to match different tastes and fashions.

What Types of Jewelry Are in the Mixed Jewelry Lots?

Mixed jewelry lots can be one way to quickly acquire an impressive collection at a low price, and provide a view into many different styles.

  • Bulk lots of jewelry often feature mixed designs and materials.
  • Gold and silver are perhaps the most popular jewelry materials.
  • Antique jewelry is often sought-after for its unique and timeless look.
  • Crystal jewelry is a modern option that can be paired with most outfits.

What Pieces Are Part of Costume Jewelry Lots?

Costume jewelry is often made of cheaper materials, and replicates either famous and expensive jewelry, or are replicas from movies or TV shows.

  • Costume jewelry can add a special touch to your costume, whether youre attending a Halloween party or Comic-Con or another event.
  • Costume jewelry is themed and includes replicas of your favourite film and television characters jewelry.
  • Costume jewelry can also simply be jewelry of a particular style which does not use rare or valuable materials. Instead, cheaper materials like glass or painted tin are used to create inexpensive yet extravagant looks. While not worth much, they can nonetheless provide an impressive look.

What Kinds of Body Jewelry is Found in the Lots?

Body jewelry usually modifies the body in some way, such as piercings or plugs. While earrings are the most common style of body jewelry, there are many other styles available. Some body jewelry lots may include:

  • Tongue piercings are usually small bar piercings with balls or studs on either end.
  • Facial piercings can be on the lips, nose, or eyebrows. They can be studs or rings, and can have small jeweled inserts or colored designs. Some have L-shaped bars for ease of use and comfort. Chains are also used on occasion.
  • Belly button piercings can be rings or studs, but are most commonly barbell style piercings and can often feature large charms or decorations on the lower part of the barbell.
  • Plugs are an increasingly common form of body modification jewelry, where progressive bigger inserts are used to stretch earlobes into large loops. Buying multiple sizes and styles of plug is necessary to keep stretching.