Selecting a Complete Karaoke System

You can have a great time singing your favorite tunes with a karaoke system. Enjoy using an affordable karaoke system at home with family and friends, or get one that you can use as entertainment at parties and events. A large number of new and pre-owned karaoke systems are available on eBay.

What types of karaoke machines can you find on eBay?

Generally, you will see two types of karaoke systems: machines with screens and ones without screens. Keep in mind, some devices come with a song library, and the audio format varies per manufacturer. Here's some information about the karaoke-system features you will find:

  • Without screen: With these systems, you hook up the machine to a television monitor or smartphone to display the lyrics.
  • All-in-one: Usually, this system does not come equipped with a song library, but it has an integrated CD player, microphone, and monitor.
  • Built-in microphone: This microphone system comes preloaded with a large song selection. It connects easily to your television so that you can see the words to the songs.
Which karaoke system should you choose?

Before you decide on a karaoke machine, consider its intended use. Will you use it for personal use or at parties? On eBay, you can search by type, category, and brand.

  • Kids' karaoke machines: These small machines include microphones and preloaded songs.
  • Home-use systems: Equipped with professional-grade microphones and integrated speakers, these systems usually hook up to a TV.
  • Professional karaoke system: These high-end units tend to offer additional ports for peripherals and accessories to enhance the sound.
  • Portable: These machines feature built-in speakers, integrated screens, and microphones for easy transport.
What are the different audio/visual formats?

The audio composition you choose determines the sound quality and how the lyrics and other graphics are displayed. Unless you're playing DVDs and VCDs, you will need to make sure your audio selection includes plus-G technology to display graphics. The different formats include:

  • MP3 plus G: This system allows you to download an unlimited number of songs via a smartphone or USB device.
  • MP4: For use with iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Quicktime, machines that use MP4s display high-definition graphics, making the text easy to read on large screens.
  • CD plus G: In addition to processing audio data through speakers, these machines display still images and lyrics on a monitor.
  • DVD and VCD: Both formats process audio and visual data, allowing videos to play while you're singing.
What are the available connectivity options for the karaoke machines?

Connection options vary per brand and type. Some systems include audio/visual cables to connect to a television and speakers. You just have to match the corresponding colors to connect the wires. Other connections to look for include:

  • HDMI: This port helps streamline the audio connection between the microphone and speakers.
  • USB: Machines with USB ports allow you to connect a mixer to a computer to play and record music.
  • Bluetooth: This type comes equipped with Bluetooth technology for wireless audio streaming from smartphones and tablets.
  • TS mono and TRS stereo cables: You will find these cables on the end of microphones and audio players.