King Comforters & Bedding Sets

A comforter provides extra warmth on a cold night. King bedding sets and comforter sets come with more than just the larger blanket though. You can also get other bedding that you can use on your king bed.

What does one look for in a comforter set?

Buying a comforter set usually starts with deciding the size you need. King sizes are among the largest sizes available. Here are some of the factors you should consider:

  • Fill Power - Fill power refers to the warmth the comforter provides. A comforter set rating in the 600 range lets you know that it has more filling to keep you warmer. If you live in a cooler climate, you will want one with a higher fill power rating.
  • Construction - Check the construction of the comforter to see if it has a baffle box inside. This box is a separate piece of fabric that makes it easier to lay out the blanket without the edges sticking up. This keeps the center on the comforter flat.
  • Cleaning - Read the label to find out how to clean the comforter set. Not all comforter sets are machine washable. Some may require dry cleaning.
What comes with a comforter set?

There is a big difference between buying a comforter set and a comforter. A complete bedroom package will come with a bedding set that includes pillowcases and sheets. Some may come with a bed skirt that matches the pattern of the sheets. The skirt fits between the mattress and box spring and won't disrupt your sheets. You'll also find bedding sets in other sizes that come with matching pillow shams for decorative pillows.

What is a down king comforter?

A down comforter is usually filled with goose down, which the birds naturally shed seasonally. Manufacturers then obtain and process those feathers for use in bedding sets. The king bedding comes with two pieces of fabric that make up the top and bottom with a layer of down in the center. These sets come in many colors and patterns. Alternative down comforters use an alternative filling that mimics the feel of down.

How do reversible sets work?

Instead of picking a king comforter in one color, you might opt for a reversible set. These sets comes with a comforter with two reversible sides. One side offers one pattern and the other side offers another color or pattern. Reversible sets let you change the look of your bedroom in seconds. You can pick cotton king bedding with floral work on one side and a quilt on the other. Quilt bedding often uses cotton is suitable for all temperatures. The cotton helps you retain your body heat on cold nights while keeping you cooler on hot nights. A quilt comforter set will come with sheets, cases, and other bedding.