LGA 1155/Socket H2 Computer Motherboard & CPU Combos

LGA 1155 Computer Motherboard CPU Combos

The motherboard and the CPU that sits on it are effectively the skeleton and brain of your desktop. The central processing unit, or CPU, handles all of the calculations that make your computer work while the motherboard holds and carries signals between the various components in your computer. The LGA 1155 socket accepts second and third generation Intel Core processors based on the Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge architecture.

What other parts are required to build a computer?
  • Memory - Random access memory, or RAM, can be thought of as the short-term memory of the computer. It can be accessed or deleted very quickly. The Intel CPUs that go into the LGA 1155 socket on these motherboards is compatible with only DDR3 RAM. Memory is a component to upgrade and install in a computer, as the DDR3 stick will literally snap right into its slot on the motherboard.
  • Storage - Hard drives and solid state drives are slower than DDR3 memory but can hold much greater volumes of information. You will need to get some kind of hard drive or SSD in order to install windows and save files.
  • Power supply - The average Intel processor runs on just over a single volt of electricity flowing through the delicate circuitry. For this reason, a power supply needs to be used as an in-between to step down the voltage from the wall socket and provide your electronics with an appropriate voltage and amperage.
  • GPU - Graphics cards are a necessity for gaming rigs or video editors or animators, which require rendering intensive workloads. Using a GPU from the same brand as your motherboard, like an ASUS graphics card and motherboard, for example, can often result in better compatibility and less driver troubleshooting.
Will this fit a new Intel Processor?

Over time as processors get faster and more advanced, the older sockets become obsolete and can no longer shuttle data fast enough to keep the CPU fed with information. This means that anything newer than the 3rd generation Intel Core processors are not backward compatible with the LGA 1155 socket.

What form factors will fit your case?

ATX is the most standard form factor, and an ATX case will be compatible with the smaller Micro ATX and Mini-ATX boards. Likewise, a case that fits the slightly larger Micro ATX will fit Mini-ATX boards. ITX is an entirely different standard and is not compatible with ATX form factor cases unless the case explicitly says it will fit both. All of the form factors that fit your case may not support all of the USB and I/O on your case, check with the motherboard manufacturer and the CPU compatibility.

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