LGA 1156/Socket H Core i5 1-е поколение компьютерные процессоры/процессоры

Achieve Faster Computing Using an Intel Core i5 1st Gen LGA 1156 Processor

Having access to four physical cores gives your computer the power to tackle multiple computing tasks without lag. Whether you're hard at work on the latest iteration of your architectural design or checking your email, you want to have the processing power to handle any task at the ready. With a first-generation Intel Core i5 processing chip, the full power of Intel's Nehalem architecture gives you what your computer needs to perform.

How to find the right processing chip for your computer?

Even within the Intel line, there are an array of available processing chips. As one of the most important components in your desktop, you want the one that is right for your system.

  • Socket type: This is the main determining factor is compatibility between your motherboard and the chip you wish to add. Each processing chip has its own socket type that it can snap in function. Having your motherboard be compatible with the chip you are considering allows your computer to work optimally.
  • Frequency: This is the speed at which your central processing (CPU) processes information. Usually listed as gigahertz (GHz), it determines how many calculations per second your chip can do. Higher numbers are capable of faster computing. Note how many cores the chip has available. A quad-core processor has four cores to use for processing. More available cores generally mean enhanced performance.
  • Graphics processing: Integrated graphics allow a processing chip to handle graphical tasks without the need for an external graphics card. This gives your system a boost in displaying video and games if a discrete graphics card isn't available.
What is a Core i5 CPU?

Your processor is the brain behind your computer. These small chips handle the majority of computational work within your system. Every time you move your mouse, open an application, visit a website, or watch a video, your processing chip is working to complete the tasks you've set out for it.

The Intel Core i5 line of processors are largely quad-core CPUs aimed at consumer computing. The first generation of these processing chips features four physical cores, integrated graphics, and speeds in the mid-to-high 2GHz range.

What is a first-generation Intel Core processor?

Codenamed Nehalem by Intel, the first generation of Intel Core processors was a significant redesign of Intel's line of CPUs. Featuring larger cache sizes, compatibility with the LGA 1156 socket, integrated graphics, the reintroduction of hyper-threading, and Intel's proprietary turbo-boost technology, these processing chips quickly became an industry standard in computer performance and benchmarking.

How does Intel Turbo Boost work?

Intel's Turbo Boost technology allows individual cores to increase their core frequency when under load. This enables them to increase their overall speed when the system needs it most while conserving power when the extra core speed isn't needed.

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