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Laptop Screens and LCD Displays

No matter what type of laptop, smartphone, or tablet you have, you can find a replacement screen for it. Whether it's an LCD or LED screen, you can have a brand-new display and be on your way to watching your favorite movies, writing that novel you've been putting off, or simply surfing Facebook to keep up with family and friends.

How do you select the correct screen for your device?

Laptop screens and smartphones are proprietary technology, which means that the screen is made specifically for the model it fits into and most likely won't work for other devices. Screens can vary in both the technology used and the size. A screen made for a Samsung laptop, for instance, isn't going to work on an Apple MacBook. It is extremely important to select a replacement that is made for the exact model of your specific technology.

What is a digitizer, and should you replace it?

A digitizer is the device that sits under the glass panel on a laptop or a smartphone and controls what appears on the screen and, in the case of touch screens, reacts to your fingertip or stylus. If the unit will power on, look at the screen and see if the picture looks correct other than the cracks. If there are no burned-out spots, such as pixels that appear black or a different color than they should be, or lines that appear where they shouldn't, your digitizer is probably fine. Some technology, however, makes it extremely difficult to remove the glass from the digitizer to replace it, so you may want to purchase a kit that has both.

What is the difference between LCD and LED displays?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. The display is made up of a grid of tiny, light-emitting crystals, and each crystal is a pixel on the screen. These are activated by electric current in groups; this is what makes LCD screens the most energy efficient. LED stands for light-emitting diode. These displays are made up of a network of little diodes that are activated individually by an electric current.

How do you choose between an LCD or LED display?

Because the screen replacements for most units are proprietary, it means that they are made specifically for their respective units. Make sure to purchase a replacement display that matches the model you own to avoid mismatches and screens that won’t work properly on your device.