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Leather Eyeglass Cases for Glasses

When investing in a new pair of glasses or sunglasses, it is important to plan ahead. A durable eyeglass case can protect your frames when you're not wearing them and prevent them from being lost or broken. Leather eyeglass cases are a durable, fashion-conscious way to prevent loss or damage to your frames.

How do you choose a leather eyeglass case?

When choosing a case, you'll want to consider a few things before purchase:

  • Do your eyeglasses have average or oversized frames? If they have oversized frames or are sunglasses, you may want to look for a bigger eyeglass case.
  • Do you want a compact eyeglass case or do you need extra protection? You can select a hard or soft-shell leather case for your glasses depending on your priorities.
  • If you are unsure an eyeglass holder may fit, you can measure your frames and compare them to the dimensions of the eyeglass case to make sure they will fit.
What is the difference between a hard leather case and a soft-shelled leather eyeglass case?

While both cases will prevent from mild eyeglass damage, a soft leather case for your eyeglasses will fit into compact areas, accommodating those with space concerns. A hard eyeglass case, however, will lend extra protection to your frames by shielding them from light drops or bumps. Some leather cases are even made for extra durability.

Are there leather eyeglass cases for multiple frames?

If you have multiple eyeglass or sunglass pairs, a case that holds multiple frames may be more convenient. Leather eyeglass holders for multiple frames allow you to store your glasses in the same place to help prevent losing them. There are also leather display cases for professional settings.

How do leather eyeglass cases stay closed?

The closing mechanisms on glasses cases come in different styles depending on aesthetics and functionality. Here are some common closures:

  • Snap: Often found on soft cases or sleeve-style cases since it pairs well with more flexible leather.
  • Clam-shell: Hard cases often use a spring mechanism to keep both sides of the case closed.
  • Velcro: Velcro can be found in some soft and sleeve cases as well as hard-shell cases that use a flap to close.
  • Flip-top: Flip-top lids are more common on hard-shell leather cases. These allow the case to pop open when a button is pushed.
What colors do these cases come in?

These cases come in a number of different colors and styles. Some that you will find include:

  • Natural colored cases: These use natural colors, such as tan, brown, and black, as the primary color for the case.
  • Patterned cases: Patterns can be printed onto the leather to emphasize a particular style.
  • Printed cases: Occasionally, cartoon characters, phrases, and photos are printed onto the leather used to make these cases.