Left-Handed Golf Clubs

Left-Handed Golf Clubs

For a left-hander to comfortably enjoy golfing, there is need to understand the golf club types and identify one that will provide long, accurate, and forgiving shots. This decision will require them to identify their swing as a golfer.

What are the types of left-handed golf clubs?

Golf clubs embrace different designs and length on their make. They also have different lofts, which control the distance and trajectory. Notably, there are four types of clubs for both juniors and seniors; wood, iron, putters, and hybrid.

  • Wood: Wooden golf clubs are suitable for long hits and are useable for golf holes that are up to 450 yards from tee to green. They include the utility woods, which are higher lofted woods from the 7 wood and the fairway woods, which include the 3 and 5 woods. They have long shafts of up to 45 inches and hollow titanium head, with the driver or one wood comprising of a hollow titanium and light feather shaft. Depending on the player’s preference, the ranges are from senior to extra stiff.
  • Iron: These clubs are suitable for most shots. They have numbers from 1-9 that correspond to their loft angle within their sets, hence 2-4 for long, 5-7 for medium, and 8-9 for short irons having high loft angles and heavy club heads. Iron clubs have a subclass called the wedge which comprises of golf clubs with 46-48 degrees in loft. There are five types of wedges, including the pitching wedge (48-50 degrees), gap wedge (52-54 degrees), sand (55-56 degrees), lob (58-60 degrees), and flop (64-68 degrees).
  • Putters: These golf irons perform the task of getting the ball into the hole and have up to 10 degrees of loft. Putters are available in styles including the short, long, belly, heel-toe, mallet, and bent. They also include grooves that promote rolling.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid left-handed clubs combine the fairway wood and iron in their make. They are long, just like the iron type, giving it a similar swing. Hybrids, therefore, provide a great distance and forgiving.
What are the shaft features of the left-handed clubs?

Left-handed clubs feature steel, wood, titanium, and graphite shafts that provide grip and strength to counter obstacles while playing golf. These shafts have 0.5-inch diameter near the grip and up to 48 inches length. They weigh between 45 and 150 grams, which vary depending on the club type and length and have flexes comprising of the regular, stiff, seniors, and extra stiff.