Hybrid Utility Left Handed Golf Clubs

For golf players who prefer to swing from their left side, left handed hybrid golf clubs can make it easier to hit a good shot. In some cases, the use of such equipment may make it easier to play a given hole or course.

What is a hybrid club?

This type of golf equipment is a combination of the fairway wood and the long iron. Fairway woods are generally used when a player wants to get distance. An iron tends to be used when a player is looking for more control over the shots line and placement approaching the green. As a general rule, hybrids are used in favor of irons, as opposed to with them. However, golfers are allowed to use both if they choose to.

What materials are hybrids made from?

A hybrid golf club can be made from the same materials that any other golf equipment is made from. This could include graphite, titanium or stainless steel shafts. It is also possible for hybrids to be made from specially produced stainless steel or zinc. In some cases, a fairway wood golf club will actually be made from oak or another hard natural wood.

What brands make this kind of clubs?

Several different brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping make this type of golf club. Other brands that may offer this product include Titleist and Cobra. In some cases, full sets can be custom made with the exact clubhead material and grip that an individual golfer prefers.

Can a right-handed golfer use left-handed golf clubs?

It is physically possible for a golfer who usually shoots with his or her right hand to use left-handed clubs. However, that person would need to swing from his or her left side when using a product designed for a left-handed player.

Furthermore, a person would grip it with his or her right hand on top of the left hand. It may also be necessary for a golfer to spend time swinging from the other side to get to the motion of doing so.

Do these types of clubs come in full sets?

This products can generally be purchased either as part of an iron set or as individual pieces such as putters, drivers, or wedges. Depending on the type of course a golfer is playing, this type of club may be used in place of a driver. However, players must use a putter or similar club when on the green.

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