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A Quick Guide to Lenovo Computer Monitors

Lenovo incorporates a variety of desirable features into their computer monitors, making them a wise choice for both professional and personal use. Browse the large selection of new or used Lenovo computer monitors that are reasonably priced on eBay.

What specifications are available on Lenovo computer monitors?

Whether you are looking for a computer monitor to meet the needs of a student, home, or business use, Lenovo has many styles of monitors available. Lenovo computer monitors offer a variety of performance-enhancing specifications, including:

  • Connection: Several models of Lenovo computer monitors offer built-in HDMI and DisplayPort connections that are compatible with the majority of desktop and laptop computers. Some Blu-Ray players can also be connected and used with these monitors. Some monitor models feature additional plug-in options, such as USB and DVI connections.
  • Resolution: Monitors create images using a large sequence of rapidly color changing electronic dots called pixels. The resolution of your monitor refers to the amount of dots, or pixels, available on the screen. The majority of Lenovo computer monitors have 1440x900 and above resolutions. They also have a wide aspect ratio which makes them similar to the displays seen on theater screens. Older devices that do not have widescreen output work well with Lenovo square displays that come with a 1280x1024 resolution. For clear details of digital images, like enhancing game displays, a Lenovo computer monitor with 2560x1440 QHD resolution is recommended.
  • Refresh rate: A monitors refresh rate is the measure of how quickly the pixels can change color. A higher refresh rate means a more clear moving image when streaming videos or playing games. Most Lenovo products are built with a seven-millisecond or less refresh rate, eliminating blur for most common uses. For a clear output of the many intense action scenes in modern video games, the Lenovo gaming monitor has a four-millisecond refresh rate which provides the crisp, clear images that you desire.
What features does Lenovo offer on their computer monitors?

Lenovo computer monitors are available in 17-inch to 27-inch display screens. The 17-inch to 19-inch models are advertised to accommodate usage in smaller areas such as in dorm rooms, kitchens, or cubicles. For those that are often busy with a variety of tasks, the 21-inch to 24-inch models offer adequate space to get all of your tasks done on one screen. The 27-inch screens are often used when giving presentations, watching movies, or playing video games. The majority of Lenovo monitor models have borderless screens to reduce user distraction and create a more appealing display, IPS LCD panels with LED backlights that enhance the display output, as well as height adjustable stands that tilt and pivot for precise viewing alignment. Lenovo factory calibrates the professional-grade monitors to provide you with accurate display images. Built-in syncing technology and faster refresh rates are customary of Lenovos gaming monitors. Lenovo has also incorporated touchscreen technology into some of their computer monitors.

What is the Lenovo ThinkVision computer monitor technology?

Lenovo ThinkVision monitor displays are a high-end Lenovo computer monitor that integrate the design language of Lenovo THINK technology that is built into some Lenovo tablet, laptop, and desktop models. ThinkVision monitors offer optional features such as touch screen, 4k video display, wireless charging capabilities for cell phones, and facial recognition technology.

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