Searching for Less Than 4,000-Pound Forklifts and Telehandlers

Some forklifts and telehandlers can handle loads weighing thousands of pounds. However, if you don't need so much lifting and moving power, then you'll want to check out small forklifts and telehandlers. They're perfect for jobs where you don't have a lot of space, such as warehouses with narrow aisles, and you can find a good selection of them for sale at eBay.

What to look for when buying affordable small forklifts and telehandlers

The following is a list of a few things to watch out for when purchasing new and used 4,000-pound capacity forklifts and telehandlers:

  • Fuel type - Small forklifts and telehandlers can be powered using a variety of different fuels. Gasoline, diesel, LPG (liquid petroleum gas), and CNG (compressed natural gas) are used for machines with internal combustion engines. You can also buy small forklifts and telehandlers with electric motors.
  • Cab - The majority of cabs for small forklifts and telehandlers are open-aired, which are great for visibility. You can find enclosed-cab forklifts and telehandlers for sale.
  • Hours - If you find a machine you like, check how many hours it has logged. Generally speaking, forklifts and telehandlers have a life expectancy of about 10,000 hours. There are some forklifts that last much longer, such as Toyota forklifts, which can muster up to 20,000 hours of life.
  • Condition - A little wear and tear is nothing to be alarmed about. However, don't underestimate the corrosive power of rust. If you notice any on a machine you like, make sure it's isolated and is not affecting any important parts.
What features come with small forklifts and telehandlers?

These are some of the exciting features that come with certain small forklifts and telehandlers:

  • 3-Stage - Also known as a triplex, 3-stage is a type of mast that consists of three sections, the outer rail, and two inner sections, which allow you to lift loads higher than with a standard two-stage forklift. (
  • Pneumatic - Pneumatic tires give your forklift and telehandler unrivalled grip strength and stability on uneven surfaces and rough terrain. Pneumatic tires can either be solid or filled with air.
Companies that make small forklifts and telehandlers

These are a few of the principal manufacturers of forklifts and telehandlers:

  • Hyster - Hyster makes small forklifts and telehandlers that run on electric, diesel, or LPG. Some electric models come with three wheels and are extremely maneuverable, such as the J30-40XNT.
  • CAT - You can find quality CAT forklifts and telehandlers with less than 4,000 pounds of lifting capacity that consume LPG, CNG, diesel, and gasoline. They also have electric forklifts, such as the EP14-20A.
  • Komatsu - Small Komatsu forklifts and telehandlers are available for purchase at great prices. They run off of gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG, and electricity. They also have dual-fuel machines, such as the AX50 Series machines.