Lladro Collectibles

3 Things to Know About Lladro Collectibles

Searching for collectible figurines is a favorite type of scavenger hunt for serious collectors and hobbyists alike. From small, simple pieces to complex designs with intricate scenes, you can find a range of affordable Lladro collectibles on eBay.

Types of Lladro figurines

Whether you are purchasing a Lladro collectible piece for use as an investment, gift, or home decoration, there are several types of figurines available in new and used condition to meet your needs on eBay. Before making your final selection, consider the following types of items that are available:

  • Animals: Myriad animals are depicted in Lladro collectibles, including cats, kittens, birds, puppies, polar bears, rabbits, turtles, fish, and horses.
  • Angels and cherubs: These figurines are portrayed as playing, sitting by themselves in reflective poses, or interacting with other characters, such as animals.
  • Human characters: Human figurines are often portrayed in fancy dress, as dancing couples, or as fantasy characters, such as mermaids.
  • Ornaments: These ornaments are commonly designed as holiday ornaments or mementos and may have a year engraved on them.
What is a makers mark?

A makers mark is the makers signature or hallmark. On Lladro pieces, this mark is usually found on the underside of each pieces base. With a basic understanding of their history, factory back stamps and markings can be used to authenticate and date a Lladro figurine.

Inspired by classical figurines, the first Lladro figurine was created in 1953 in a home furnace in Valencia, Spain. Lladro Porcelain became a full-fledged venture in 1958, and through the years, Lladro factory marks have undergone these important changes:

  • Pre-1960: The earliest Lladro marks appear to be hand-scratched into the porcelain. These early marks are thought to be similar to those of the first official factory trademarks are more likely to be authentic.
  • 1960-1963: Comprised of the words "Lladro," "Espana," and "Made in Spain," the first official factory mark was impressed into the bottom of the figurine.
  • 1965-1970: Also impressed into the base of each delicate figurine, the second factory mark dropped the word "Espana".
  • 1971-1974: The third official mark, a blue back-stamp, featured a bellflower and omitted the accent mark from the Lladro name.
  • 1974-1977: The blue back-stamp included an accent mark over the Lladro name. A trademark symbol was added.
What does the Lladro collectors mark signify?

These items were originally intended for purchase exclusively by Lladro Collectors Society members; therefore, this mark shows the societys name and the year of the pieces release. This original collection features many retired Lladro figurines as well as other Lladro pieces that are limited in supply.

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