What You Need To Know About Love & Hearts Fashion Bracelets

Find the right gift for a loved one or yourself with a love & hearts fashion bracelet in this eBay category. This stylish bracelet can be made from a wide range of materials and colors to match a particular look or for a certain special occasion.

How do you select a love & hearts bracelet?
  • Select a style: When selecting a style, you should consider what outfits it will be worn with and where. Some looks are designed for day to day use while others are better suited for weekends.
  • Select a brand: Some brands will be from well-known jewelers, while there will be items from a particular store or dealer to choose from as well.
  • Choose a material: Precious metals, beads, leather, and a wide range of other materials are common in the construction of bracelets. The material selection will determine the color of the bracelet as well.
  • Select stones: Stone selection is another way to customize the appearance of your love & hearts bracelet. Some common gemstones include jade, turquoise, diamonds, and other precious gems.
  • Choose a size: Bracelets can come in three different fittings. You can select from snug, comfort, and loose fittings depending on the style.
What types of materials are available?

There is a wide variety of materials that this jewelry can used in this jewelry, including:

  • Beads - Beads will generally be made of acrylic or glass. Beads can be produced in a wide range of colors, and some will be made out of materials like jade.
  • Gold - There are three main types of gold used in love & hearts bracelets. White gold is made of an alloy of gold and metals such as nickel, palladium, or manganese. Yellow gold is another alloy and combines gold with zinc and copper. Rose gold is made similarly and uses just copper in the alloy.
  • Silver - Some love & hearts jewelry will use fine silver made of up to 99.9% silver. Other silver will be made up of alloys with metals such as silver.
  • Titanium - This material is designed to be corrosion resistant. This type is used in highly polished and regularly worn love & hearts bracelets. Another trait of titanium is that it's hypoallergenic.
What types of fashionable bracelets can you select from?
  • Bangle: This style is typically circular in shape and a solid piece.
  • Cuff: This type is similar to bangle jewelry and is typically designed to fit looser on the wrist. These will usually be in a circle or oval shape and are wider than bangles.
  • Link: This style of love & hearts jewelry will be made up of chains or links of chains and use a clasp closure.
  • Charm: This selection will allow you to add or remove different charms to suit your taste.