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Magellan Clothing for Men

Magellan's, founded in 1989, specializes in travel clothing for men and women, whether journeying by air, land, or sea. In addition to apparel, the company offers luggage, packing organizers, and other travel accessories with a focus on style and safety. Whether you're an avid traveler or a man ready to add new pieces to his wardrobe, you'll find outerwear, such as travel blazers and vests, coats and jackets, shorts, pants, and shirts. While you're shopping on eBay for Magellan clothing, shoes, and accessories, don't forget to check out the selection of Magellan Outdoors men's clothing designed with nature lovers in mind.

What Types of Clothing Does Magellan Offer?

In addition to these clothing favorites, you'll find T-shirts, walking shorts, and classic dress blazers.

  • Casual Shirts: Magellan produces casual short-sleeve shirts in laid-back prints, such as Caribbean designs, or shirts with embroidered items like palm trees. Many have dyed buttons to match the shirt. If you prefer long-sleeve shirts, look for button-up shirts with pointed collars that also include a chest pocket. Shirts are available in plaid, solid colors, or other designs. Choose a sun protection shirt that's rated at UPF 50 when you work outside.
  • Travel Robes: When you reach your travel destination or relax at home, a Magellan travel robe is lightweight and has a silky feel. The easy-care wrap is machine washable and designed to retain its softness.
  • Long Pants: Magellan trousers are available as flat-front khakis and denim jeans. A built-in 3-inch extender gives you extra room in the waistline. Other features include side pockets and back pockets with buttons to secure small-sized valuables. When storage options are important, Kiwi trousers have nine pockets with five that zip close and a cargo pocket designed specifically for a phone. The activewear is reinforced with a double seat and knees.

What Fabrics Does Magellan Use to Make Men's Clothing?

Because the company specializes in travel clothing, they choose comfortable fabrics.

  • Microfiber: Magellan uses microfiber to construct their travel robes. The soft fabric is exceptionally strong yet breathable when coming in contact with the skin, making it a comfortable choice when lounging.
  • Stretch Twill: This fabric has wrinkle-free properties so it's easier to care for. The company uses a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend so the fabric gives whenever you're walking, sitting, or running. The fabric is also stain-resistant.
  • Silk Blends: Magellan's short-sleeve shirts are made from 70 percent silk and 30 percent cotton. The lightweight material is machine washable and resists wrinkles, thereby making it the go-to fabric choice when tightly packing a suitcase.

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