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Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing A Magic Mic

Karaoke is an excellent way to spend time with friends and family, and it can definitely be the cause of great and memorable times. The magic mic is a fun toy that can be enjoyed by kids and grownups alike that like to sing. However, there are a few different aspects about magic microphones that you need to know before you make a final selection on eBay.

Are there magic microphones that come with different language lyrics?

There are a few different reasonably priced magic microphones on eBay that provide the option to browse through songs in different languages. Even without knowing a language, these types can actually make for fun in-prov nights. If there is a reason for needing songs in multiple languages, it is important to make sure the chosen microphone has the capability. Below are just a few of the different languages that some microphones offer:

  • Japanese
  • German
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Mongolian
Is a Wi-Fi connection necessary to use a magic microphone?

There are some microphones that come with all the songs available already programmed into the mic or mic base. For these, a Wi-Fi connection is not always necessary. Some microphones come with available songs, but people can search an online database for more songs that are better suited for their group. It is important to check and see what type of wireless capability the microphone you are purchasing has so that you can plan accordingly in case the location where you are at does not have access to Wi-Fi.

Do all magic microphones come with or require song chips?

Not all magic microphones require song chips. Some connect to Wi-Fi, but for those that do require song chips, you need to make sure that you know which type of song chip is needed for your particular mic. Song chips do not always fit all kinds of mics. You need to make sure that the song chips you are considering will fit your mic or that the mic you are purchasing from eBay will fit the song chips you currently own.

Will magic microphones work between different karaoke base centers?

If you already have a karaoke base center or individual magic microphones, it is important to pay close attention when getting a replacement for either. Generally, you can purchase new mics and bases for pre-purchased equipment, but it is important to know which product you have so that you can order compatible replacement pieces. Alternatively, you could opt to purchase a full set if you are not completely sure.