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Magnavox Odyssey Console: The Game Console That Started It All

The Magnavox Odyssey Console is the original commercial video game console that started it all. Released in September 1972, the Magnavox console set the standard for every game console that has ever been created. Simple and classic, the Magnavox Odyssey Console will give players a chance to experience gaming the way it started and is available from this vast eBay collection.

What kinds of games are available for the Magnavox Console?

The Magnavox console is a traditional game console that connects to a TV monitor. It comes pre-loaded with a long list of classic game titles. On the screen of the television, players can choose single or double player and then choose which game to load. Once the game is loaded, the instructions are given for single or double player mode. Other games, which include colored overlays for the screen and accompanying board games, can be purchased separately. Because eBay offers used Magnavox Odyssey Consoles in a variety of conditions, you can find the right unit to fit your budget. Some of the games that are included with the console include:

  • "Table Tennis"
  • "Simon Says"
  • "Football"
  • "Hockey"
  • "Cat and Mouse"
How do you play games on the Magnavox Console?

The Magnavox console is the original game console, and like games today, the player controls the action on the screen with a wired handheld controller. The original console itself is a white, black, and brown box that connects to a television set or monitor, but later versions included consoles of various colors such as neon yellow. Different models came with different connection types such as component RCA, composite RCA, RF, and S-video. The display that appears on the screen is monochrome black and white with no sound capabilities, but plastic, colored overlays can be placed on the screen to create different visual images. The game graphics are very basic.

The original unit comes with two wired controllers for single or double player gaming. The console is pre-loaded with a list of game titles that are selected on the display with the controllers. Some of the games include peripheral accessories such as accompanying board games and other game pieces like dice and money, depending on the game.

Can parts and additional accessories be purchased separately?

eBay offers a wide variety of new, vintage, and used consoles, parts, accessories, and additional games. You can easily search by model, color, or type of A/V outputs to find the perfect unit for you.

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