Maternity Jeans

Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans help women stay comfortable throughout their pregnancy regardless of the size of their belly. These maternity pants are available in a wide variety of silhouettes, ranging from stretchy leggings to maternity skinny jeans and denim trousers. No matter what stage you are in your pregnancy, you can find stylish maternity pants that flatter your baby bump.

What should you look for when buying maternity jeans?

When choosing maternity pants, there are couple things you should consider.

  • Fit: While its tempting to buy a larger size of your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans, regular denim trousers will be too large in the legs and too tight around the belly. Maternity jeans are specifically designed to accommodate the bump, making them much more comfortable.
  • Size: During pregnancy, women often experience day to day fluctuations in weight and waistline. Thats why women need a well-stocked maternity wardrobe. Pregnant women should have at least two pairs of maternity jeans in different silhouettes to accommodate their changing body.

How are maternity jeans sized?

  • Jeans made for the maternity section are sized similarly to regular jeans. Most women wear the same size as usual
  • Some lines of maternity jeans are sized by waistline while others follow the standard small/medium/large sizing rubric
  • Women should always check the sizing chart before purchasing a new pair of denim maternity pants as not all brands follow the same size guidelines.

What are common features of maternity jeans?

There are many different types of maternity pants. Here are a few common terms moms-to-be will encounter while shopping for maternity clothing:

  • Over-the-bump: These maternity jeans feature an elastic waistband that is designed to fit over the belly.
  • Under-the-bump: Under-the-bump jeans typically have a jersey panel in front, which fits snugly under the stomach thanks to a band of elastic. These jeans are most commonly worn in the beginning stages of pregnancy.
  • Side panels: These panels, made of elastic jersey material, help accommodate a growing belly.
  • Drawstring: Jeans with a drawstring are typically comprised of an elastic band in the back and a drawstring in the front.
  • Jersey basque: This material is soft and stretchy, and its usually used to create a front panel for denim pants. Its often combined with concealed adjustable elastic to ensure comfort and a good fit at any size.
  • Fly front: For moms-to-be who prefer chic maternity styles, fly front pants are ideal. These denim pants have the zipped front common to standard jeans, but they come with adjustable straps hidden in the waistband.

What are common styles of maternity jeans?

Women of all tastes will be able to find a cut of pants that suits their style, flatters their bump, and accommodates their lifestyle. These jeans come in all the standard silhouettes, including

  • maternity skinny jeans
  • boyfriend jeans
  • jeggings
  • denim trousers