Men's Sleep Shorts

Mens Sleep Shorts

When it comes to sleepwear for men, there are many options, and choices vary from pajama pants to shorts to pajama sets. Though pants may be preferable when the weather is cold, once spring and summer come around, sleeping in shorts is usually cooler and more comfortable, and there are many brands, styles, and colors of pajama shorts from which to select.

What Are Some Mens Sleep Short Styles?

Men arent limited when it comes to style and design in sleep shorts, and they should select the type of shorts they feel most comfortable in from an array of available options.

  • Drawstring Shorts: Some designs come with a built-in drawstring, which creates a more custom fit. These adjustable shorts also come in many brands and designs.
  • Elastic Band Shorts: Sleep shorts with an elastic waistband have a secure, snug fit, somewhat like a pair of boxer shorts.
  • Lounge Shorts: These styles do double duty as loungewear, and though you can sleep in them, you can also wear them to relax. They look like regular shorts, though theyre made of a softer, lighter fabric.

What Fabrics Are Used for Mens Sleep Shorts?

One of the biggest considerations to keep in mind when selecting sleep bottoms is how they feel. This means that fabric is a factor. Mens loungewear and pajamas are crafted from various types of fabric for a different fit and feel depending on your preferences.

  • Cotton Material: Genuine cotton is soft, machine-washable, and comes in many colors and designs. Jersey cotton is generally one of the most sought-after fabrics when it comes to sleepwear.
  • Fleece Material: Warm and cozy, fleece and microfleece is used to make everything from button-down shirts to bedding. This soft material is used to make many types of bottoms, including pajama shorts and pants.
  • Silk Fabric: Silk feels light against the skin, and this almost-weightless fabric is frequently used to craft pajamas. It doesnt trap heat, making it an effective option for summer sleepwear.

What Brands Make Mens Sleepwear?

When it comes to pajama pants, loungewear, and sleep shorts for men, there are many brand options to consider. You may select a brand based on several factors, including cost, designs, and materials, so keep these factors in mind as you browse pajama brands.

  • Calvin Klein: Known for its clothing and undergarments, including its boxer briefs, Calvin Klein offers its own version of mens pajama shorts. Made of material like cotton knit, these shorts have a stretchable logo waistband.
  • IZOD: The sports and leisure brand known for its alligator logo creates mens sleep bottoms, pajama pants, and shorts featuring fabrics like cotton and drawstring designs with graphic prints.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren: Classic style comes together with Polo Ralph Lauren pajama designs. The brand offers a variety of options ranging from plaid styles to its iconic polo player logo to create pajama pants and shorts that both look chic and feel comfortable.

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