How to Shop for Men's Tennis Bracelets

It's not uncommon for men often wear several pieces of jewelry, and some may also enjoy receiving it as a gift. Whether you're a guy trying to pick out a tennis bracelet that fits in with your daily ensemble, or you're trying to find that perfect gift for a man in your life, a tennis bracelet is a good choice. Not only are there many choices in metals and designs, but also unique choices in stones as well. Shop for a myriad of options in tennis and chain bracelets, made just for men.

What Are the Different Metals Options?

When it comes to men's bracelets, there are definitely standard and unique metal choices. It's a good idea to decide on a casual or formal bracelet as you are selecting a metal type.

  • Gold: Perhaps the most common bracelet metal of all is gold. Perfect and complementary to other pieces of jewelry and accessories, choose gold-plated or solid 18k gold for an elegant look.
  • Silver: Another terrific choice, look for sterling silver or plated silver tennis bracelets. Silver can be used for casual or formal events, and blends in easily.
  • Stainless steel: This type of metal is strong and tough, and resists corrosion and scratches, making it fitting for casual outings or everyday wear.
  • Brass: This is a less common choice, but an equally good choice when it comes to men's bracelets. Offering a casual look, look for two-tone brass bracelets or brass mixed with silver or steel.

What Non-Metal Bracelet Choices Are There?

If you're shopping for an everyday occasion, or are looking for casual tennis bracelets, non-metal choices also make for terrific tennis bracelets.

  • Leather: This type of leather bracelet may be tied at the clasp, or it may be interwoven with metals, such as gold. Opt for engraved or applique black leather for an eclectic look.
  • Beads: Made of plastic or glass, beads offer a different, opulent look that's perfect for everyday wear.
  • Lava rock: A lava rock tennis bracelet is a unique choice that's perfect for a bold, standout look.

What Types of Stone Choices Are There?

A hallmark look of many tennis bracelets is the addition of diamonds or other fine stones within the link or weave. Here are several common choices:

  • Diamond: A men's diamond tennis bracelet with gold or white gold metal is perhaps the most common choice. This elegant bracelet is usually reserved for formal wear. Shop by carats, or shop by gold weight, such as a 14k white gold band.
  • Sapphire: Offering an icy blue look, sapphire is another choice for a men's bracelet.
  • Ruby: Often mixed in with a diamond bracelet or with other stones, a ruby sports a refined, elegant look.
  • Hematite: This black stone is another option for men's jewelry, and is easily intermingled with other stones, such as diamonds or sapphires.