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The Beat Goes on With Metronomes for Every Musician

Whether you are a beginning instrumentalist learning about rhythm and meter or you're a seasoned player in your schoolu001as marching band, a metronome is vital for helping you stay with the beat of the music. New and used metronomes, like those found on eBay's online marketplace, are also useful for finding the correct tempo. In this collection, you'll find digital, contemporary and vintage styles of this handy rhythmic device.

The distinct features of digital metronomes

Digital styles often have drastically different appearances from vintage models though the functionality remains the same. Some digital models are characterized by a large dial in the middle, surrounded by a wheel of metrics that allows you to calibrate the device to your desired tempo. Other digital styles feature buttons to allow the same function. Sometimes, there are options for volume as well as speed. Some models even have a digital needle that bounces back and forth on the screen or a blinking light to include visual as well as auditory stimulation. Some musicians will place the digital model within close proximity with other tools, like a tuner, while others prefer it further from their musical practice space.

A look at contemporary versions of vintage metronomes

Updated models of classic devices include both vintage and digital styles. You may find an updated style of a vintage device that utilizes plastic to make up the base rather than wood. Some contemporary styles are built smaller to fit on music stands or even to attach to instruments. If you are indeed in a marching band, the portability may prove beneficial.

What are some features of vintage models?

Vintage models look much like the ones in old movies, typically with a wooden, pyramid-shaped stand and a bouncing needle that moves left and right. A knob on the side or bottom of the device allows you to regulate your desired tempo. The size and shape of the knob vary based on the particular style of vintage model. One thing to keep in mind while comparing these particular models on eBay is lots of vintage styles become favorites because of their long-term reliability and the ambiance that they can provide, making them valuable treasures.

What are the materials that make up a metronome?

Materials utilized in the construction of different metronomes include plastic, metals, and wood. Wood is generally the most decorative of the components and is typically isolated to the older vintage models. Contemporary wooden models in classic vintage designs can also be found. Plastic in black and white makes up most digital and updated styles. Metal components are used in the hardware of digital designs and in the needles and dials of updated vintage styles.

What are the brands that make metronomes?

You'll find it no surprise that manufacturers of tuning equipment and musical instruments are generally the ones that also make these rhythm instruments. On eBay, you can buy and sell these devices from the following brands.

  • Boss
  • Korg
  • Matrix
  • Nikko
  • Seth Thomas
  • Tama
  • Yamaha