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Get Stylish Sportswear with Michael Kors Sneakers for Women

Michael Kors Sneakers for Women

If you love athletic wear but do not want to sacrifice on style, Michael Kors women's designer shoes are an excellent option. With luxe touches like crystals, leather, and metal accents, these shoes are glamorous and eye-catching. At the same time, their practical design makes them work well when you are on the go. Their signature blend of comfort and style makes these fashion sneakers a fun footwear choice.

When did Michael Kors start designing shoes?

Michael Kors has been designing clothes since the 1970s, but his women's athletic sneakers line is fairly recent. He first started producing footwear in 1981 when the Michael Kors Collection was launched. Initially, his shoes were mostly glamorous options like heels and dress shoes. However, as Michael Kors became known for his modern, sportswear-inspired aesthetic, he started working on sneakers as well.

In the past two decades, the Michael Kors sneaker line has taken off. Over the years, he has produced a wide variety of sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes, and other athletic footwear. There have been several different designs, but the one thing his shoes all share is Kors' signature sense of polish and glam.

Michael Kors Sneakers for Women

What are some common styles
of Michael Kors shoes?

The designer has produced a huge variety of shoe designs over the years. Here are some of his signature designs that you can frequently find for sale:

  • Michael Kors Georgie : For the classic oversized sneaker look, consider the Georgie trainer. These lace-up style sneakers are made of white leather with an oversized sole. The inclusion of animal print accents adds a fun little bit of visual interest to these shoes.
White Michael Kors Sneakers for Women
  • Michael Kors Keaton : These leather slip-on shoes have a loafer design. They are embellished in an all-over rhinestone pattern that adds plenty of fun sparkle.
  • Michael Kors Felix : These trainers have a high-top design with a slim, minimalistic profile. The main stylistic design is a large, metallic "MK" logo on the side of the shoe.
  • Michael Kors Irving : The Irving women's fashion sneakers are a classic, low-top tennis shoe silhouette. With their slim profile, they pair well with a variety of outfits.

Can you find Michael Kors
sneakers with a heel?

If you are interested in a little extra height, the designer has made a few styles with a heel. Shoe designs like the Michael Kors Liv trainer and the Michael Kors Astrid trainer have hidden wedges. From the outside, these look almost like a traditional high-top sneaker. However, there is a wedge placed inside the lower part of the heel. This gives you the classically casual look of an athletic shoe while also adding a couple of extra inches to your height.

Black Michael Kors Sneakers for Women

What closure options are available for Michael Kors sneakers?

Michael Kors is constantly innovating, so he uses a few unusual styles for his shoe closures. Here are a few of the options you have to choose from.

  • Laces : Traditional lace-up designs are a classic athletic shoe option, and Kors does use them occasionally. These lace-up-style sneakers make it easy to get a custom fit for your shoe.
  • Slip on : In a hurry and don't want to deal with shoelaces? Michael Kors has also designed quite a few different shoes that slip on. Most of these are loafer-like athletic shoes, where you just slip your feet into a fitted upper. You can find these as both cloth and leather slip-on shoes.
  • Elastic : Some designs like the Michael Kors Felix shoe have a thick band of elastic across the upper part of the shoe. This stretches to let you put your foot in the shoe, and then it holds on to the shoe securely without requiring any laces.
  • Zipper : Michael Kors typically uses zippers as a fashion element. You can find one or two designs that use zippers to easily fasten high-top sneaker designs.
  • Velcro : For designs like the Michael Kors Cosmo, the designer uses a wide band of Velcro across the top of the shoe. This presses firmly into place while looking sleek and futuristic.
White Michael Kors Sneakers for Women

Can you exercise in Michael Kors shoes?

Michael Kors women's designer shoes mostly have a reputation for looking trendy and stylish. However, the designer's fabric, rubber, and leather trainers can also be practical. They might not have quite as many athletic components as a competitive sportswear shoe, but they are still very comfortable and sturdy. You can consider wearing these shoes for just about any light physical activity. They can be nice for going on long walks, taking part in a dancing cardio class, or running on an elliptical.

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