A Quick Guide to Motoman Industrial Robotic Arms

The use of industrial robots have started to enter mainstream applications. From manufacturing and machine assembly to research, programmable robotics have introduced a level of efficiency and consistency to these processes. For those who are looking for these products, you can find Motoman industrial robotic arms on eBay.

What are Motoman industrial robotic arms?

Robotics company Yaskawa Motoman produces a range of programmable robot arms for different types of industries. They have introduced automation solutions for the agriculture, transportation, electronics, textile, and other sectors. These innovations enabled companies to cut their labor and production costs and also increase their levels of productivity.

What are the practical applications of these arms?

Below are just some of the practical applications of the Motoman robot arms:

  • Welding: These arms can be used for arc or spot welding. The setup usually includes the robot arm, multi-axis positioner, controller, the welding torch, and other welding equipment.
  • Packaging and manufacturing: The robotics company has a variety of models suited for various manufacturing-related tasks. They have high-speed systems that can pick materials at a speed of more than 100 CPM (cycles per minute).
  • Product assembly: They also have collaborative robotics tech for a mixed assembly line of humans and robots.
What technological components do these arms have?

Motoman robot models vary regarding payload capacity, arm reach, and controller system.

  • Payload: The payload range of these robot arms start at 0.5 kg for the 6-axis MotoMini. It could also go up to 600 kg for the GP600, and 900 kg for the MH900 which are both built for heavy payloads.
  • Arm reach: The horizontal and vertical reach of the arm starts off at 350 mm to just under 1,000 mm for the compact models. Products with an extended reach of more than 3,000 mm include the UP400RDII and the MH180-120. The expanded reach of these robots are ideal for multiple processing functions.
  • Controller: Each robotic arm can be operated using a controller. For example, a Motoman DX100 can be used to operate less than ten robots. The NX100 can be used to control less than five robots and less than 40 axes.
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