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Neff Clothing for Men

Neff clothes for men come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and designs. Neff targets different genres of clothing to create a broad range of stylistic choices. Before buying any Neff shirts, pants, jackets, button-downs, and Neff headwear, it is essential to know how they differ.

What colors are available in Neff for men?

Neff for men is available in many types of colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, and a wide range of neutrals. Many of their clothing also includes multi-color designs that integrate various color patterns and other design elements.

What styles are available in Neff brand apparel for men?

Neff makes tees, jackets, sweatshirts, button-ups, and bottoms, including pants and shorts. They also make hats and various sorts of accessories to accompany their clothing designs. Just a few of these design elements include the following:

  • The Ramen Tee – This is a black T-shirt with a patch of Ramen noodles on the left breast. It is tagless and made of cotton to produce a baggy appearance. Neff produces other clothing types that are designed to fit this specific look.
  • The Hero Shredder – This hoodie is made of polyester fleece and is available in camo print or tie-dye. Design elements include a black smiley face embroidered on the left breast. It also has a half-zip top with ribbed cuffs and a hem for colder weather conditions.
  • The Erryday Swetz – This pair of pants comes in black, grey, and turquoise. Its design elements include tapered legs that narrow at the ankles. They also cuff at the end with a type of ribbed-knit material. There are also multiple pockets where you can store essential items.
What materials are used in Neff clothing for men?

Neff features clothing for men in many different types of fabric, which include cotton, fleece, polyester, elastic, and synthetic blends. Specific material types depend on the particular garment, and often it'll be a blend of cotton and synthetic materials. Most of these materials are designed with a little give.

What sizes are available in Neff for men?

Most Neff tops are available in US men’s sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. These sizes are typical for each shirt, though some may be limited depending on the design. Neff jeans or bottoms are available in men’s small through extra-large.

How do you clean Neff clothing for men?

Each item will come with specific washing instructions, but in general, you can expect that most Neff clothing can be machine washed on a cool, gentle cycle without bleach. They can then be tumble-dried on a low setting. Consider air-drying garments made entirely of cotton to prevent shrinking and lay flat to prevent stretching.