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Finding a Nexus 7 Screen Replacement

A cracked screen on your Nexus 7 can be frustrating since it will interfere with the way you're able to view movies, web pages, books, graphics and other content on your tablet. Fortunately, you can find a Nexus 7 screen replacement kit on eBay, but there are a few things you might want to know about replacement kits first to help you make a more informed buying decision.

Should the digitizer and screen both be replaced?

A replacement screen can get your damaged Nexus 7 back to the original condition. A digitizer responds to your touch on the screen. This device is essential to perform any task on the phone. You need to know if you can just replace the LCD screen or will need a replacement digitizer as well. If the screen is only cracked but still responds to touch, you will be able to replace the screen. If there is no response on the screen, you have to replace both the screen and the digitizer. These two components are usually sold in a replacement kit. When you replace these parts, you may be able to get your phone back to full functionality.

Can any screen replacement kit be used?

You'll want to find a kit that is compatible with your Nexus 7. Seek a replacement part that will not interfere with the home screen or other features of your tablet. You can check the battery area for the model number. Once you have that number, you will be able to find a replacement screen for your device. A compatible repair screen should fit your device like the original model.

What are some safety tips for installing the screen?

You may want to consider doing a few things before starting the installation. It will take some time to complete the replacement since it involves many small parts. It is important not to rush the repair. If you go through the following steps, you may be able to complete the repair without any issues. These safety tips include the following:

  • Make sure to back up your device: This can help keep your information and settings protected.
  • Power off the device: You never want to start any repair with the power on. Keep the device powered off until you have finished the screen replacement.
  • Work in a clean environment: There are many parts and components that need to be removed during the replacement process. You want to work in space that will keep the screen and components dust-free while you work.
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