Одежда и сувениры для фанатов Nike NFL

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Nike NFL Fan Apparel & Souvenirs

Tens of millions of sports fans from around the world follow the National Football League and its players, both present and past. If you're looking for a gift for an avid football fan or seeking an item for your own collection, chances are you can find it with your favorite team's logo.

What kinds of apparel does the NFL license?

Through the years, any number of products have been licensed by the NFL. Clothing is the most common one. Apparel that carries the logo of your favorite teams is available for all seasons. There are many different types of items, including shorts, visors, bathing suits, sandals, pants, jackets, parkas, winter caps, and gloves. Accessories like neckties can also be found carrying the logo of each of the 32 NFL franchises. Jerseys come in all shapes and sizes, representing every team in the league. T-shirts, ball caps, and winter hats are also available.

What other kinds of items are licensed?

Outside of clothing, official NFL merchandise and souvenirs, such as cups, glasses, helmets, toys, bobbleheads, and other common items. There are also a number of novelty items available. Musical instruments, vehicle accessories, pens, pencils, stationery, pinball machines, and even cookware and grilling items can be found with NFL team logos. Whatever you're looking for, it's likely you can find it with an NFL team logo.

How do you tell if an item is licensed?

Officially licensed items have the NFL logo on them. If the item features a player's name, the NFLPA logo will also appear on the item. Packaging and tags will also state the item has been licensed by the NFL and the NFLPA.

When can you get a recently traded player's new jersey?

This depends on manufacturing lead times, as well as other factors, so it's not possible to provide a specific time frame. Most of the time, these items will be available within a few days or weeks of the trade. Items with the player’s previous team are also available.

What about \"throwback\" apparel and items?

The NFL and its teams offer a rich and reverent history. From the days of leather helmets through to the first Super Bowl game and all the way to the most recent season, there are stories, legends, and myths. \"Throwback\" gear is a great way to honor that past. There are any number of licensed items with team \"throwback\" logos and colors as well as unique and limited edition items. No matter what team, year, or player you're interested in, you can probably find a number of items you're interested in.