Norman Rockwell Collectibles

Understanding Norman Rockwell Collectibles

In the technology age where everything is going digital, having a relic from the past that you can hold feels priceless. As an art collector, you have probably heard of or come across the 280 Norman Rockwell Collectibles somewhere along your research or shopping experience.

Norman Rockwell was a 20th Century artist who rose to fame when his pieces were inspired by President Franklin Roosevelts speech to Congress. He created four freedom paintings that become famous after running in the "Saturday Evening Post" for four consecutive days.

What makes up the Norman Rockwell collectibles collection?

Norman Rockwells art can be found on a variety of items. The pictures that thrust him into the limelight were; freedom of Speech, freedom of worship, freedom of want, and freedom from fear. They were all inspired by President Franklin Roosevelts Speech to Congress in 1943. The most common collectibles are;

  • Paintings - These are the original works of Norman Rockwell. The paintings gained national and international popularity for the portrayal of the current affairs of the time including; Americas war on poverty, the civil wars, space exploration, among others. Another famous Norman Rockwell painting is Rosie the Riveter. The painting appeared on the cover of The Post Magazine and was so popular that the magazine loaned it to the treasury until the war ended. The model on the painting was Mary Doyle Keefe.
  • Lithographs - These are some of Norman Rockwells oldest works and were printed on Arches paper.
  • Collector plates - The Norman Rockwell collector plates used to be produced by licensed companies but are no longer in production. For that reason, most of the ones you will find are preowned.
  • Norman Rockwell figurines - These collectibles were also created by licensed companies. There are about five companies who deal in the production of Norman Rockwell figurines. They include Danbury Mint, The Rockwell Museum, Gorham, and Dave Grossman.

How do you know if your Norman Rockwell art is original or a reproduction?

Like with any other collectibles, there are Norman Rockwell art pieces that are reproductions. The following can help you differentiate the real deal from the reproduced memorabilia.

  • Look at the painting with a loupe or magnifying glass - The collectible paintings that are original are going to have brush strokes or faint painting strokes rather than a uniform dot pattern.
  • Printing on the face - Unlike the original paintings, printed reproductions have are copyright or date printed at the front.
  • Visit a legitimate Norman Rockwell collector - Legitimate collectors have a wealth of knowledge about the collectibles they deal with. To ensure you are not duped, however, make sure you do your due diligence on the dealer.

A person authorized to deal with legitimate Norman Rockwell artwork will usually have papers to prove it.

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