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Notebooks and Binders

Despite computers and other technologies becoming very mainstream, notebooks and binders are still an essential item for office use, school supplies, and more. These items can help keep things organized, provide a way to jot down notes and lists quickly and take them with you, and much more, providing a useful item in everyday life.

What are the differences between notebooks and binders?

  • Binders typically have three rings and are used to organize loose pieces of paper.
  • Notebooks can be spiral-bound with a metal spiral or bound by glue. They come complete with paper; additional paper cannot be added.
  • With notebooks, the order of the pages cannot be changed, aside from ripping them out. With binders, the page order can be changed by opening the rings and rearranging the order of the papers.
  • Notebooks can come with built-in section dividers. Section dividers can be put into binders as well.

What is the difference between college-ruled and wide-ruled?

  • Notebooks typically come in either college-ruled or wide-ruled options. The same is true for loose-leaf notebook paper that can be inserted into binders.
  • "Ruled" means the paper is lined for easier, straighter writing.
  • College-ruled means the space between the lines is smaller than the space between the lines on wide-ruled paper.
  • There are 9/32 inches of space between the lines of college-ruled paper.
  • There are 11/32 inches of space between the lines of wide-ruled paper.
  • Some notebooks come with more unusual types of paper, such as graph paper or blank paper.

What ring sizes do binders come in?

  • There are two different types of rings, and they come in different sizes.
  • The two different types of rings are called O-Ring and D-Ring. They are shaped like their namesake letters.
  • Some are attached to the inside spine of the binder while others are attached to the inside back, right next to the spine.
  • The size of the rings can vary from 1/2 inch to 4 inches.
  • The greater the ring size, the more paper and materials can be held. A 1/2-inch binder has a 75-page capacity. A 4-inch has around an 800-page capacity.

What are binders and notebooks used for?

These office supplies can be used for any number of tasks.

  • They are typically used by students in school. Schoolchildren commonly use what are called trapper keepers. They are binders with zippers. These can be closed to prevent papers or other items stored inside from falling out.
  • Students use notebooks to take physical notes in school from grade school to college classes.
  • These office supplies can be used for professional or personal use. For example, they can be used to organize your day, write a story, make a cookbook, or compile work reports.
  • One can be used for many different subjects, or you can keep one for each purpose.

What are the major brands?

Major brands for these products include Five Star, Avery, and Mead. There are also store brands such as Staples as well as generic brands.

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