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OtterBox Cables and Adapters for the iPhone

When you want to use your iPhone to stream music, a pair of audio cables can be the tool you need for the job. The adapters allow you to connect your favorite pair of headphones to the compatible device in a matter of seconds. You can choose from different sizes and styles, allowing you to find the audio cable that meets your needs.

Are the OtterBox cables available in nylon?

Some OtterBox audio cables for the iPhone are available in nylon, which adds some features. The features of nylon braiding with your audio adapter cables include:

  • Reduced tangling: The coating reduces tangles, making the adapter ready to use when needed.
  • Additional weight: The additional weight of the nylon adds a layer of protective material to the cable.
  • Nylon texturing: When searching through your bag, the cable's nylon texture will help you locate it fast.
What are the specifications of the cables from OtterBox?

The cables are approximately 0.25 inches in depth, although this will vary based on the compatibility of your device. The contacts are plated with gold to maintain durability. These cables are light, weighing approximately 0.75 ounces. You'll find that the 3.5mm cables are compatible with most headphones, providing flexibility when choosing the audio device you want to use.

How long are the extender audio cables?

The adapters vary in length but will average approximately four inches. You'll have enough slack to feel comfortable without feeling as if the audio accessories are too loose. You can also choose from longer cables that extend up to two feet. If you need an audio accessory, which can shrink or expand as needed, cables with coils are available. The coils allow the adapter cable to stretch without additional effort.

What are the specifications of the adapter jack plugs?

The jack plugs weigh approximately half an ounce and are designed to screw into the device. This covers up the adapter hole when the audio is not in use. Made of materials such as silicone, it covers up the audio connections and keeps out elements, such as dirt and dust.

What options are available for audio docks?

You can use a small dock to connect your iPhone to a set of speakers. This type of adapter allows you to hear the audio even when you're not physically next to the device. There are adapters, which can connect your iPhone to devices such as alarm clocks, allowing you to wake up to music stored on your phone.

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