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Ozium Air Fresheners

Ozium air sanitizer is a powerful odor-eliminating product. It attacks bacteria to purify the air and remove all sorts of odors. Available in multiple scents and sizes to suit a variety of needs and locations, Ozium products are both versatile and effective.

How does Ozium work?

Ozium air sanitizer eliminates odors by combating bacteria and odor-causing particles suspended in the air. It contains micron-sized particles of propylene glycol and triethylene glycol. These particles attach to odorous airborne molecules and deactivate them, drastically reducing unwanted smells. The fragrance component of Ozium products imparts a clean scent along with its sanitizing power.

How do you use Ozium air sanitizer?

Ozium air sanitizer is an industrial-grade product, so care should be taken during use. Here's how to use it.

  • Shake the can to mix the active ingredients thoroughly .
  • Point the nozzle away from any people in the area.
  • Press the nozzle and hold for one to two seconds. This will make it so you do not dispense excess spray into the area.
  • Leave the room until the product has dissipated.
  • If the air is not completely free of the unwanted smell, repeat the process after four to six hours until you no longer detect any undesirable odor.

What odors can Ozium air sanitizer eliminate?

Ozium eliminates a wide variety of odors from bacteria and airborne contaminants. It is especially effective at reducing and eliminating cigarette smoke, cooking smoke, and fire smoke. It also eliminates or reduces smells from sweat, trash, pets, alcohol, mildew, vomit, and many other sources. It can be used in a wide variety of locations, including weight rooms, locker rooms, offices, bathrooms, kennels, bars, and automotive garages.

What scents and sizes of Ozium are available

Ozium air sanitizing spray comes in four scents: original, fresh citrus, country fresh, and vanilla. The spray is available in several sizes from 0.8 ounces to 14 ounces. It is also available in gel and disk form and may be placed in inconspicuous locations to freshen the surrounding air.

Who should use Ozium air freshener?

Because it is such a versatile product, Ozium air sanitizer can be used by a variety of people. It is appropriate for gym goers, travelers, adults who smoke, janitors, office workers, and a variety of others. Because it comes in a convenient travel size, the spray can be used on the go, so you can freshen the air wherever it's needed.

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