PS/2 Male To Male Computer Cables & Connectors

How to Use a Male-to-Male Parallel PS2 Cable

If you need to connect a mouse or keyboard to your PC, it is likely that you need a male-to-male cable to accomplish this. The length of this cable is long enough to make connecting any keyboard easy no matter how much or how little space you have to work in. A PS2 cable has six pins in it, so make sure that the female end that you are plugging into also has six pinholes for a proper connection.

What is a parallel PS2 cable?

When you see the designation parallel cable, this term refers to how the data is sent from port to port. In a parallel port, multiple bits of data can be sent all at once. This is different than a serial interface that can only send the data bits one at a time. A parallel port must have multiple data lines in its ports and cable connections. These lines are referred to as pins. Parallel cables are most often used to connect peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard to a PC. In fact, the original cords were often referred to as a mouse cord. The designation "PS2" means the connecting end has six pins.

What can you connect with a PS2 cable?

A PS2 parallel connector can be used for many different accessories that you may want to connect to your PC. Some of the most commonly used applications are:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Speakers
  • Joysticks
Can this be used as an extension cable?

The original cords used to connect a keyboard or mouse are often short. A parallel ps2 cord can be used to extend those cords to where you need them. It is frustrating when your mouse or keyboard cord does not allow them to be placed where you need them. A 6-foot extension cable gives you a lot more flexibility to set up your PC, mouse, and keyboard exactly how you want them.

Can you convert a male to male cable?

If you need one female end on your cable, you can use an adapter. A simple adapter connected to one of the male ends will turn one end into a female receptor. The male end of a cable fits into the female part of a port. While this cord has two male ends, you may find you need to use an adapter on one end to create a female receptor for your specific needs.