PartyLite Collectibles

PartyLite Collectibles

From a musical house themed after "The Night Before Christmas" to a reflection glass antique tray, PartyLite offers a variety of ways to display their candles. They also have a line of flameless products like air freshener sprays and scented sticks. All these PartyLite collectibles can add to your homes ambience by providing decorative accents as well as a fresh aroma.

What is PartyLite?

This is a company that has more than a century of history producing quality candles. They have since expanded their inventory to include LED lights, flameless fragrance products, and accessories. For example, they offer festive votive holders, sleeves, and pedestals. With a focus on seasonal products, they continually add updated designs, keeping up with trends and offering more traditional styles. All their products are manufactured with home safety in mind.

What materials are PartyLite candles comprised?

This company prefers to use food-grade paraffin wax. This means that it is without contaminants, and is intended to be safe if accidentally ingested. They also use a cotton wick which, when burned, produces white smoke that indicates the absence of harmful substances like lead.

What types of candles does PartyLite offer?

These products come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. The company does emphasize holiday decorations, but they also offer other designs appropriate for everyday use. Most of their candles are made with natural products like essential oils, which provide an added level of freshness or festivity. Besides the candles, they also design unusual ways to display and store their products as well as a line of flame snuffers. Some of the types of candles they offer are:

  • Signature Jars: These have three wicks that produce a more powerful aroma and are made to last approximately 35 hours.
  • GloLites: These candles have a dimmer flame, but the wax seems to shimmer and glow when the wick is lit.
  • Votives: These have the traditional prayer-candle style and are available in over 30 different colors.
  • Tea lights: These are small and circular with the sides and bottom encased in metal. This company offers many color variations.
What types of flameless fragrances does PartyLite offer?

For households with young children or pets, PartyLite offers three ways to add a pleasant scent to a household. Their ScentGlow warmers plug into an outlet and heat a scented piece of wax called a melt, releasing the aroma into the air. Fragrance sticks can be placed inside specially designed holders around the house. These consist of rolled-up paper with a specific scent that may last for up to 30 days. Room sprays are essential oil air fresheners that can be sprayed throughout your home.

How many hours do PartyLite melts last?

Warmers are a type of no-flame device that fills a home with a pleasant smell, much as a candle would, without an open flame. These work by placing a melt into the ScentGlow warmer and then plugging the warmer into an outlet. When purchased, melts come in circular trays containing nine individual pieces, and each one may last up to 80 hours.

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