Patricia Breen Collectibles

A Buyers Guide to Selecting Patricia Breen Collectibles

Collectible decorations give you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your home. Patricia Breen collectibles come in a variety of themes and styles that allow you to prepare for celebrations and holidays. There are many new and used collectible Patricia Breen items available on eBay.

What are some of the themes of Patricia Breen collectibles?

The themes of items designed by this artist include:

  • Halloween: The Halloween themes include pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, cats, and bats.
  • Christmas: Christmas themes include Saint Nicholas, sleighs, gifts, and Christmas trees.
  • Winter: Winter themes include snowmen, snowflakes, snowy barns, and houses.
  • Fantasy: Fantasy figures include Santa Claus, the Queen of Hearts, cats, and the man in the moon.
  • Nature: Flowers, the moon, birds, chameleons, and the sun are some nature-themed collectibles made by the designer.
What are the available shapes of Patricia Breen collectibles?

The shapes of affordable collectibles made by this artist that are available on eBay include:

  • Globe or ball: These items are shaped like a sphere and include decorative elements on the inside and outside.
  • Figure: The item may be shaped in the figure of a ghost, pumpkin, Santa Claus, or snowman.
  • Other: The ornaments may be in the shape of other items, such as a sleigh, hot air balloon, house, candy cane, rocket ship, tube, or tea cup.
What are some of the features of Patricia Breen collectibles?

The features of these attractive decorative items include:

  • Signature: The signature of the artist is on the bottom of the item.
  • Dated: The year of manufacture is on the bottom or back of the item.
  • Special painting techniques: The item may have been finished with special painting techniques such as the application of glitter.
  • Hanger: Some of the items may have a hanger, ribbon, or thread attached for hanging.
  • Card: An attached paper card on the items ribbon explains the product line and details about the item.
What are the condition options for Patricia Breen collectibles?

The available options for the cute collectibles made by this artist include:

  • New in box: These items include the original packaging and have been minimally handled.
  • New out-of-box: These items have not been displayed and have been minimally handled.
  • Used: These items may have been handled or displayed. They range from good to like-new condition.
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