Pelican Collectibles

Collector’s items can add personality to a living space and can also reflect the personality of the owner. Watching a pelican dip into the water for fish is a unique experience, which is why a pelican collectible is a good option for bird enthusiasts and figurine collectors alike. In many situations, these figurines are made by hand, and the bird featured on the collectible is often lifelike and stoic.

What kinds of materials can pelican collectibles be comprised of?

Pelican collectibles can be found in the following materials:

  • Glass: With a glass pelican figurine, the artist can create embellishments that add flavor that’s unique to these types of items. For example, a figurine that’s made of glass might give the unique view of a glass-blown fish inside the animal’s mouth.
  • Carved Wood: A wooden waterfowl can go well on craft tables and hutches and have a natural feel to them.
  • Ceramic: One of the features of ceramic that collectors enjoy is the ability to be able to paint the color details directly onto the body of the collectible. While some come pre-painted, you may be able to find ones you can paint yourself.
  • Pewter: Pewter is a strong metal-based material. In many cases, pewter waterfowl figurines come with a loop that will allow you to place them on a chain so you can wear it around your neck or put it on a hook on your wall.
What makes these collector’s items?

These products usually take a lot of intricate work to create; in fact, for many figurines featuring these birds, the work is done expressly by hand. For example, a wooden animal figure is usually hand-carved by an artisan, and the same can be said for glass figures. Typically, glass figures take glass-blowing techniques requiring a lot of concentration and hard work. As a result, people cherish these hand-made figurines and treat them as works of art.

Outside of collecting, what can these items be used for?

If you really enjoy items featuring this waterfowl, there are typically many uses for one of these figurines. For those that are looking for an accent for their workspace, a pelican paperweight can look great on a desk. In addition to this, pewter figurines look stoic on a necklace or a bracelet and can indicate an affinity with these waterfowl.

These items can also be used around the house. There are plenty of collectible weathervanes that can be used atop houses and barns, and large ceramic or metal statues that feature the iconic animal can go well in a garden or on a patio.