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How to Select Men's Casual Shirts

Some of the most popular types of men's tops include: polo shirts, plaid tops, golf tops, pullover tops, and V-neck T-shirts. eBay vendors stock these types of casual attire, as well as a range of other fun novelty apparel and sports clothing.

How Should You Choose a Men's Informal Shirt?

Here are some tips to help select the right relaxed top, whether it's a polo or a T-shirt:

  • Sleeve Length and Neckline: Considering preferred sleeve lengths and necklines can help narrow your selection. Keep in mind sun safety if you intend to be outside for extended hours; higher necklines provide increased sun protection. On the other hand, V-neck tops are ideal for people irritated by high necklines.
  • Brand Preferences: Consider whether you have a particular brand preference, such Peter Millar men's tops, or if you tend to favor unbranded tops. Both of these varieties are available from eBay vendors.

How Should You Clean an Oil Stain from a Polo Shirt?

Here are some tips for how to clean oil stains from polo shirts:

  • Oil Stains: If you are trying to clean an oil stain from a cotton polo shirt, attempt to clean the stain as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. Mix one part liquid dish washing liquid with 10 parts water to create a spot cleaning solution.
  • Extra Help: Tapping a toothbrush against the stain aids absorption. Leave the solution to soak for a few minutes, then apply water. Then, blot (do not rub) the stain dry with a clean towel.

What are Some Tips for Buying a Men's Shirt as a Gift?

Here are some tips to help select the right men's informal shirt as a gift for a loved one:

  • Sports Shirts: If your loved one is a fan of a particular sport, this can help guide your selection. For example, if they're a golfer, selecting a comfortable cotton golf shirt with a handy pocket is a practical choice.
  • Functionality: There are some functional considerations when buying shirts for people of different ages and abilities. For example, some elderly people find doing up buttons difficult. For these loved ones, pullover options are ideal. You may also like to pay attention to whether your loved one tends to prefer form fitting or loose men's tops. See manufacturer site for size and measurement details.
  • Color and Style Preferences: If unsure which color or style to choose, white, black, plaid and blue shirts are a safe pick. For recipients with more adventurous taste, sophisticated shirts by established brands like Peter Millar, in colors like salmon, orange and green could be more appropriate.

See the manufacturer site for size details.

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