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What to Know When Shopping for Pioneer 4 Channel Car Audio Amplifiers

A good audio system can make or break your drive. When you want your vehicle's audio system to perform well, you're going to need a good amplifier. When shopping for Pioneer 4 channel car audio amplifiers, there are a few helpful things you'll want to know.

How many output channels will you need?

Before buying an amplifier for your car, it's important to know how many output channels you will need. This can help you figure out which type of amp to purchase. There are many different types of car audio amps, and some categories are based on the number of output channels that they have.

  • Mono channel: Mono amps have a singular output channel. You can connect one or multiple subwoofers to a single mono channel amp.
  • Two channel: Two channel amps offer you more versatility in functionality. You can use the two separate output channels for powering a pair of speakers or bridging. They combine the outputs of two separate channels into one singular channel so that they can power subwoofers.
  • Four channel: These amps are equipped with the most versatility and available user options. Four channel amps are ideal for powering multiple speaker pairs. They allow you to get the best of both worlds by using two channels to power full range speakers while bridging the output of the other two channels for the driving of the subwoofers. They can be used for both front and rear speakers in a vehicle and provide you with a powerful range of high and low frequencies.
How much power will you need your amp to have?

It's important to know how much power you'll need before making a purchase. There are two main power ratings, and they are peak power and RMS power.

  • Peak power: Peak power is what an amplifier is capable of producing in limited bursts. This is a number that can be found listed on amps in the product details.
  • RMS power: RMS power is the measurement of an amp's continuous power output. It's a good idea to use RMS power output to guide your purchasing decision.
What features can amplifiers have?

Amplifiers can have many different features and specifications. The following features may be of interest to you while shopping:

  • Low pass filters: Low pass filters take out the high range frequencies and help you emphasize amplification of sound lows.
  • High pass filters: High pass filters are the opposite of low pass filters. They take out the low frequencies produced by the signal that an amp is boosting.
  • Level inputs: These help you get your sound system customized so that you can provide emphasis where you want to when listening to music.
  • Subsonic filtering: This type of filter blocks ultralow inaudible frequencies in order to help a subwoofer work more efficiently.
  • Bass boost: This booster augments low-frequency outputs so that you get more bass out of your subwoofers and large speakers.