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Plano Model Products Fishing Tackle Boxes & Bags

Plano Model Products Fishing Tackle Boxes & Bags

Plano produces a variety of tackle box selections for anglers to use in different bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, and streams. The tackle boxes available are made for those looking to fish in both saltwater and freshwater areas. Products offered come constructed of molded plastic for the purpose of long-term durability.

Are Plano boxes designed for different sized tackle collections?

Plano offers multiple types of tackle boxes that are supportive of different tackle collections. The products offered are able to hold a variety of items, including fishing hooks, artificial lures, and sinkers. Select models offered feature multiple levels of storage space. One example is the Drawer Box Series, which includes multiple levels of trays on top of one another for storage space. The Plano Two-Level Magnum model is also designed with multiple levels of storage with several compartments for different items. The availability of multiple levels in a product varies between individual items. For example, the Plano ProLatch Utility Box features a single level with multiple compartments rather than a multi-leveled design. The ProLatch model also features removable dividers that enable users to alter the number of compartments available for use between four and 20. Removable dividers are featured in select models of different Plano offerings.

Are tackle boxes designed for specific fishing conditions only?

No, Plano tackle boxes support different types of fishing conditions. They are designed to be able to hold different types of bait in situations where conditions change. Boxes can hold both artificial and live baits, and a variety of different hooks and other equipment. The Two-Level Magnum model, for example, features a top tray with four rows of compartmentalized slots designed to hold equipment such as bait. The bottom tray comes equipped with hook holders and additional space for storage. Boxes are not specific to a certain type of water and fish type.

What type of material are boxes made out of?

Plano uses molded plastic for the construction of their offerings of fishing tackle boxes.

The purpose of using plastic as opposed to a metal is that plastic is not susceptible to rusting over time. The fishing tackle boxes offered are designed with consideration given to both water and weather resistance. Boxes offered come with snap-on clips for the purpose of ensuring that they do not come open accidentally. The 7771 Guide Series Tackle System features two clips on either side of the top of the box.

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